The Internet Kitchen: Millions of Peaches!


The Internet Kitchen: Millions of Peaches!

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So it turns out that I moved to one of the best peach growing areas in the United States.  They are only available for a few months throughout the year so I’m determined to get my fill while they are here.

When I was living on the East coast, Georgia peaches were all the rage, but let me be completely honest:  They have very little on Palisade peaches.  I’ve heard that fruit grown at high altitudes has a higher concentration of sugars so things like peaches and cherries are a lot more flavorful than the same fruit grown at sea level.  I’m not sure if there’s truth to that or not, but the peaches are really good.

The annual peach fest was last weekend and while I wasn’t able to make it to any of the events, I did luck into a huge flat of perfectly ripe peaches!  So, for the next week here on Macheesmo, it’s all peaches every day!  I have five awesome peach recipes to share with you all and I’ll be kicking it off tomorrow with a delicious breakfast peach dish that’s pretty to die for.

There’s no poll this week because I have lots of peach plans already!

Here’s a few links though!

Pad Thai Delivery vs. Homemade – I’ve made pad thai before at home and I generally liked the results.  This is a great summary on the costs that go into it though and whether or not it’s worth it to make it at home.  As with anything, the more you make it the easier it gets, but there conclusion is probably right for most people.  (@ The Bitten Word)

Thai Chili Coconut Shrimp – In keeping with the Asian theme, these shrimp skewers caught my eye in my reader this week.  I like the combo of chili and coconut.  Really cool idea.  (@ Patio Daddio BBQ)

Grilled Flatbread with Figs – Figs are really delicious right now and I love that you don’t have to heat up the oven to make this flatbread (read: pizza).  I could see sitting back on a hot summer day and eating a whole one of these with a cold beer.  (@ Former Chef)

Grinding Your Own Flours – Honestly, this is something that I’ve never even considered doing.  It seems like a fair amount of work for something that you can always buy for cheap.  But after reading this post I can see how it would be good in a few occasions.  (@ Good Life Eats)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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  1. Whatever you do, make sure your peaches meet your bottle of Maker's at some point during the week.

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