The Internet Kitchen: Mile High City


The Internet Kitchen: Mile High City

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Betsy and I are hitting the road this weekend to spend some time in the Mile High City with some of her relatives. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive, but it’s one of the prettiest drives in Colorado I think. Straight through the Rockies!

I’m in charge of brunch one day while we are there. Brunch is my absolute favorite meal to cook so I’m just fine with that. I think crepes will be on the menu…

For the poll this week, let’s do some grilled things since the weather should be beautiful.

[polldaddy poll=”5019898″]

And a few links!

On a Stick! – I met Matt at SXSW. We were on a panel together and had a great time. His new book, On a Stick!, just came out this week and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. What a fun idea for a book. Chicken and Waffles on a stick anybody? (@ Matt Bites)

100 Ways to Cook with Tequila – While Cinco de Mayo was technically yesterday, I have a feeling that the tequila will continue to flow into the weekend. If you do have some leftovers though, here’s 100 great uses for it! (@ Endless Simmer)

Margarita Cupcake – Another great use for leftover tequila and limes. Tequila is in all parts of this cupcake: the cake and the frosting. Got to love it! (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Mushroom and Poblano Tart – Just a beautiful post and dish. While the filling sounds wonderful, I was completely sold at cornmeal crust. What a great idea! (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Denver sign photo by jeco.

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  1. Yo Nick, where in Colorado do you live? (Am I allowed to ask…?) I go to school in the Springs. Weird, righ'?

  2. Love to see your take on grilled pizza. It’s something I’m going to start doing in the kitchen I run. Always love different perspectives, just sayin’.

  3. I've read this blog for years and had no clue you were in Colorado. I'm from Montrose and now live in Denver. Stoked to know there are other internet foodies in CO!

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