The Internet Kitchen: Lost and Found


The Internet Kitchen: Lost and Found

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When we moved to Colorado, one of the decisions we made was to start letting our cat, Tipsy, outside. She really seemed to like roaming around our yard and even though we knew that bad things could happen to her out in the world, we figured that it was better for her since she wanted to so badly.

Since it’s been really nice weather, she stays outside most of the day these days and kind of roams around the neighborhood. I don’t think she goes very far honestly because there are tons of other animals around and she’s generally scared of other living creatures.

So far she’s been very good about coming home every night.

Until last Sunday, when she just never came home! Betsy and I were pretty stressed about it, but just tried to remember that cats are generally smart and resourceful.

We posted a Craigslist ad, asked around the neighborhood, and walked every block. No sign of poor Tipsy.

Sure enough though, 48 hours later, she wandered home on her own.

I think it was maybe the happiest I’ve ever seen Betsy. And she claims to not even like cats!

For the poll this week, lets do something with berries!

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And a few links!

Dutch Oven Battle – I’m a big fan of my Le Creuset pan, but I normally recommend a different dutch oven for people who are just starting cooking. There’s no reason to spend $300 on a single pot. This post shows why. Both perform pretty much identically for braising. (@ The Hungry Mouse)

Sweet and Salty Brownies – I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but when I do have an urge for some sweetness, I love it to be salty also. Especially chocolate. Salted chocolate is kind of my dream. So are these brownies. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Pork Belly Foccacia – All things I love! Pork belly is a bit sturdier than bacon, but I’m sure you could sub that. I could imagine serving this at a nice dinner party as an appetizer. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Rice Pudding Popsicles – Rice pudding is one of my favorite desserts (because it’s usually not super-sweet). These just look perfect on a hot summer day. I think you could probably add any kind of berry you wanted to them! (@ Delicious Days)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. So happy to hear Tipsy is back too! I have lost a few cats that I let wander outside too! My last kitty- I had him 18 years, he lived outside for 9 years. I went on vacation for 4 days- I had left for 3 days many times prior- I left him a big bowl of food and asked my neighbors to keep an eye out for him. Came home and he was gone, bowl of food still full. :(

    Moral of the story- he lived outside a long time but I know he loved it and was generally close by and safe. However it only takes one time for them to be gone forever, its a tough decision.Keep an eye out for wandering dogs they are the worst! I would also suggest Tipsy has access to a porch with a kitty door or somewhere she can run to and be safe- they don't always make it to a tree.

  2. You should get her microchipped so that if they find her at the pound or something they'll know she belongs to you. Our cat came from the humane society with the chip already implanted, but I don't know if that's SOP or not. So glad she's home safe and sound. :-)
    My recent post Bookshelves in action!

  3. My only caution would be FIV. We still have a GREAT orange cat who was my father's cat in rural IN on a property with a pond, creek, lots of trees. Kato was king of the land. BUT he got FIV probably from a racoon or a feral cat. He is still healthy now at 13, but it's something to think about. Of course, cats WANT to be outside, and they belong there. They will kill birds, which is natural to them, shrews, voles, and the like!! He now lives with us outside of Charlotte, NC, and he roams our property with creek, etc., but he does not stray outside the prop. He's happy!!

  4. We had the same issue (cat very sad when not allowed to go out) when we adopted our cat Rudiger from the SPCA 7 years ago. I had seen too many cats as roadkill in my life to want to let her; but she was a stray for the first year of her life so she clearly thought of the outdoors as part of her daily life. My compromise was a tether with a very long lead -she can go anywhere in our large backyard and driveway without danger. It took a few weeks to get her used to it (there were some seriously funny reactions to the harness, ever see an angry cat crouch-walk?) but now if we open the back door and call her, she'll pause at the threshold to get clipped in. Everyone wins!

  5. Glad TIpsy is back safe. Around here there has been a spate of cats being trapped in neighbours' (and others') garages just as the garage owner shuts things up to go away on a fortnight's holiday. And then lots of sad owners wandering around listening for 'meowing garages' followed by a spate of break-ins to rescue the said moggies.
    Perhaps now you should get on with baking some treats for the prodigal cat? Just saying…..

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