The Internet Kitchen: Lifeyo


The Internet Kitchen: Lifeyo

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One of the things that was unexpected about writing and managing a somewhat successful blog is how many people would email me asking for advice on how to start a website.  I would guess that I get half a dozen emails a week asking for advice on starting up a site or blog.

My advice usually consists of:

1) Pick a subject that you love.  Not like.  Love.  Otherwise you’ll get burned out in three months.

2) Keep the design simple to start.  Make it so you can focus on the subject and not worry about design.

3) Keep your costs as low as possible.

I recently caught up with an old college buddy who has been working on an internet startup that helps people create a website and so I thought I’d give him a quick shout out today.  His company is called Lifeyo and their basic goal is to make it really simple for you to make your own website.

Instead of using coding, you can basically drag and drop pieces that you want on your site and easily update the site with content or photos.

They made a really fun video that runs about a minute and a half and gives you a quick rundown on how to use it. (It has sound.)

To see a cool example of a food blog that runs on Lifeyo, check out Winner Celebration Party.

If you happen to be in the market to start a site and want to try out Lifeyo, it’s free.  They do have a number of premium options such as custom domain names and premium publishing options and if you want some of those things, they have been nice enough to offer a discount to Macheesmo readers.

To get 20% off of any Lifeyo order, just use the coupon:  macheesmo20

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And a few links as always!

Shared Meals, Shared Knowledge – A great op-ed on a few efforts happening now to once and for all banish the idea that cooking is expensive.  My favorite line from it: “We have become accustomed not to real food but to “convenience,” one of the filthiest of modern catchwords, and to the ill health and waste associated with it.” (@ NY Times)

10 Things to Consider Before Culinary School – I get asked frequently why I don’t want to go to culinary school.  Here’s ten reasons that pretty much summarize my position on the whole thing.  (@ Huff Post)

Tomato Pie with Panko – Tomato season is almost over but you might still be able to fit in this awesome recipe.  (@ Vanilla Sugar)

Tomato Pistachio Flatbread – There’s no recipe exactly in this post, but I think the photos tell ya everything you need to know to make it.  Looks great.  (@ Sugar Laws)

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