The Internet Kitchen: LAGGED!


The Internet Kitchen: LAGGED!

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Well, Betsy and I made it home safe and sound from Italy last night and I’m typing up this post in an effort to stay awake until 10PM (4AM Rome time) so I can get a full night’s sleep hopefully and be rested.

Our trip was really amazing and I plan to post some photos and stuff in the next week or so. And, of course, I have a list of at least 10 things that I want to make as soon as possible that we ate while there so you’ll be seeing some dishes on Macheesmo in the next month or so that are very Italia in spirit!

The funniest thing about the trip is that our moving van for our great Western move (Grand Junction, CO) is coming in 5 days to load up all of our stuff. So we literally unpacked stuff into the washer/dryer so we can then pack it back up into moving boxes.

Needless to say the next two weeks or so are going to be a bit intense!

I’m really excited to cook a lot because I’ve been away from my kitchen (but eating incredibly well) for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, I’m just not going to get a chance to really cook up a storm for a few more weeks because most of our kitchen stuff will be packed up this weekend.

This is good news for some of you though because I’m taking it as an opportunity to cook in a very minimalist fashion. Over the last few years I’ve started using more and more kitchen tools and equipment (which is inevitable I guess), but I know not everyone has access to this stuff. So the next few weeks on Macheesmo will be for you minimalist cooks out there!

I’m keeping the bare essentials with me here in DC for the next two weeks during the move: A pot. A skillet. A good knife. Just the basics. No crazy gadgets or gizmos. All those things are on the truck.

I don’t have a really clear idea of what I’m making over the next few weeks, but the dishes will most likely all be quick, simple, and filling.

I’ll let you pick a dish for me to make this week in fact!

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As far as my normal links go… guess what? I’ve been out of the Internet loop for like two weeks so I have no idea what’s going on.

So why don’t we reverse it. If you’ve read/seen something cool in the last two weeks (food-related preferably of course), then leave a comment and share it with everyone! It can be from your own blog even, just something cool that you read/wrote/cooked/etc.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cool photo by Robert van der Steeg.

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  1. Welcome back! I'm lookng forward to reading your "minimalist" recipes that don't require lots of fancy kitchen equipment that I don't have.

  2. I made my favorite Peruvian dish this past Monday called "Atomatada." We are returning to the states for the holidays and want to try and make it. My husband and I searched and searched last night to try and find a replacement for the peppers–aji tambeño and aji mexicano. It is the base of the sauce. Does anyone know what dried peppers can be found in the states? They are both dried and very mild tasting. My link takes you to the posted recipe on our family site.

  3. I'm hoping you do a casserole–you have a bit of a shortage of those in your recipe selection, and to be honest, I'm in the mood for some good comfort casserole recipes that I can freeze and reheat later on. :-) Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, glad you had an excellent time!

  4. Welcome home!! Glad you guys had such a great time. :-) Can't believe you're moving already!! Yipes! You'll be so tired. :-) I'll be looking forward to your minimalist dishes in the weeks to come. :-)

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