The Internet Kitchen: Inversion!


The Internet Kitchen: Inversion!

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Betsy and I have lived on the Western slope of Colorado for over two years now and in general the area has some of the best and most temperate weather I’ve ever seen. Last year at this time, for example, I was going on trail runs in shorts with my dog. The temperature would be close to 50 degrees during the sunny days.

This year is a different beast!  It has been freezing cold for the last few weeks with temperatures dropping way below zero at night and topping out around 10 degrees during the day. Apparently this is due to an inversion where warm air traps cold air closer to the ground.

I honestly don’t mind cold weather, but I’m ready for it to be over!

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Chicken Liver Pate – This is one of my favorite appetizers ever. I’ve made my own version a while back that I served on toast. It’s simple food, but I just can’t get enough. Also, need to check out the book featured in this post! (@ David Lebovitz)

Homemade Gin – Apparently you can buy a kit now and make gin at home!  Also, it appears to not suck. (@ Endless simmer)

Roasted Avocado Arepas – When you roast anything it intensifies the flavors and so I imagine the avocados in this recipe to be especially wonderful. (@ Food in my beard)

10 Best Food Blogs in 2012 – I like this list because it’s not the same old blogs that always show on these lists. Some definitely new and beautiful blogs here. (@ PBS Food)

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Have a great weekend everybody! Go Broncos!

Dorky inversion drawing from the Utah Gov site.

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  1. Reno is getting the inversion thing happening too. It’s pretty sad when it’s warmer (or at least the same temperature) up in Tahoe.

  2. We are experiencing the same temperature issues in the SF Bay Area. I’ve lived in the East Bay for 15 years, and the winters were always mild and in the 50’s when it wasn’t raining. We would get frost once in a rare while. For the past three winters it has been COLD with frost happening a lot more often.

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