The Internet Kitchen: House Hunt!


The Internet Kitchen: House Hunt!

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Betsy and I are packing up the house and moving to Denver in less than two months and that means we have officially started the crazy house hunt of 2013!  Unfortunately, I’m not sure that we are going to be able to actually go to Denver to look for a place so we are doing all of our hunting online.

Most importantly: Craigslist. Their rental section is awesome and since the last time we were house hunting they now have this super-sweet map view which overlays all the posts on a map of the city. This is beyond cool and Betsy and I have already spent many hours poking around the map.

Hopefully we’ll be able to find a place!

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The Links

Homemade Creme Eggs – It’s Easter time and that means the time of year when I try to not buy Cadbury creme eggs every time I go to the store. It’s a tough situation. These are sort of involved but would be fun to make with kids I think! (@ The Hungry Mouse)

Lamb Vindaloo Tacos – Lamb is a traditional Easter dish, but if you’re sick of the standard lamb preparations this looks like a really delicious twist. Who doesn’t love tacos and Indian food? (@ No Recipes)

How to Cook Great Fish at Home – Ok. So this post is actually about how to cook perfect fish at home. That’s a pretty hard sell, but still. It’s a great technique and a good list of tips! (@ The Amateur Gourmet)

Vietnamese Chicken Salad – I love a good chicken salad with lots of interesting flavors beyond mayonnaise and celery. This one looks killer. (@ Food in my Beard)

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  1. I am a Realtor Broker in the Houston area, and have helped people moving into this area. Many have told me they did their research on-line before moving, but when they got here, they were surprised by prices higher than their Internet research had shown. After hearing this often, I asked where they had searched, and Craigslist was always their answer. Some told me of non-existent addresses and requests for up-front fees. There is the potential for many clever scams, yet you can have a Realtor represent you in your search for places to live in Denver. In Texas, Realtors represent buyers or tenants at no cost to the buyer/tenant since the owner pays the fees. If you need any help identifying a Realtor in Denver that fits your personality and desired area, you can contact me. Best wishes to you !!!

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