The Internet Kitchen: Happy B-Day To ME


The Internet Kitchen: Happy B-Day To ME

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Well, today I turn a ripe old age of 28. Last year was a good one for me and I’m hoping that the next one is even better!

Betsy and I aren’t really birthday people but we are going to maybe grab a drink tonight at a fun bar since I happen to turn 28 on a Friday. Then I’m hoping for a nice and relaxing weekend!

What I will be doing this weekend though is cooking. Obviously.

Ever since we moved I haven’t been getting my normal magazine subscriptions because I didn’t realize that the USPS forwarding service doesn’t apply to magazines. So I finally called all the magazines to change my address and I just got my first Bon Appetit in a few months.

It looks awesome, so let’s make something from that!

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And a few links!

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday – I love Dr. Seuss books. They’re so creative and fun. It happens to be his birthday next week (same day as National Read Across America Day). This post has some cool facts about the man and also some great ideas on treats you could make to celebrate! (@ Good Life Eats)

How to Get a Table at a Crowded Coffee Shop – I used to occasionally have this issue in DC and used to use some of these strategies. I haven’t had this problem since moving to a small Colorado town though. Go figure! (@ The Amateur Gourmet)

Philly Fluff – This is a great story and awesome recipe. It’s some kind of crazy cross between a cheesecake and a pound cake, but it sure looks tasty! (@ Make it Naked)

Dosa’s Rasam “Fire Broth” – An amazing authentic recipe that was generously provided by the owner of Dosa in San Fran. The recipe is a bit in depth, but man does it look delicious. Darya gives great tips on how to pull it off successfully also. (@ Summer Tomato)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Nothing better (well almost) than a Birthday weekend. Everywhere you go ….."It's My Birthday" 3 days of free desserts.

    Seinfeld had a great stand-up routine about old people and driving – you're a little young to appreciate this but it will give you something to look forward to as the years start to pass faster (Future Shock)

    ………."senior citizens should be allowed to drive their age….if you're 80 – go 80mph….they have less time left to get where ever they're going"

    Happy Birthday, Kevin

  2. happy birthday, Nick. I'm so glad you started this blog. I follow several foodies, but yours is my favorite! Consistantly good recipies.

  3. Happy Birthday Nick! ~ balloons, confetti falling, and squeaky horns in the background~ :0)
    My husband and I really enjoy your blog!

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