The Internet Kitchen: Haircut!


The Internet Kitchen: Haircut!

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Like most dog owners, I think our dog, Porter, is the cutest thing since unicorns, but I have kind of a love/hate relationship with his fur.

I love it because he doesn’t shed and it’s cute and curly and fluffy. He’s like a big sheep.

I hate it because he’s like a big sheep. His fur acts like Velcro and anything he touches becomes permanently bound to him. Also, we have to pay to get him sheared because no home shears will do the job.

We recently got him a brand new haircut and they did a great job. His fur is a nice length now. Betsy doesn’t love the poodle-mustache look, but I’m pretty okay with it.

Ladies, watch out. He’s in cute overload mode right now.

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I got a new fantastic cookbook recently from America’s Test Kitchen. Let’s make something from it!

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The Links

Shiitake and Sweet Pea Risotto – I was actually cold when I woke up today (yay fall) so this looked particularly delicious to me as I was going through my recipe reader. (@ Recipe Girl)

Potato Chip Crispy Treats – Salty and sweet meet again in this delicious dessert. I could eat a whole sheet of these I imagine. (@ Food in my beard)

Crispy Baked Kale – Bon Appetit recently gave it’s dish of the year award to a freakin’ kale salad. Personally I think this baked dish looks better than the salad… (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

Tomato, Basil, Beef Salad – Fresh flavors that are perfect for an end of the summer salad. I would have no problem making a meal out of a big plate o f this. (@ Make it Naked)

Inside Ben’s Chili Bowl – This brought me back to my DC days. I’ve spent many a meal in this joint as I used to live just a few blocks away. Great food and atmosphere. (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

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  1. If a 10 year old girl can clip a 1200 lb. steer for the show ring, you can clip your dog. :-) Try a Sullivan’s Supply trailer or Valley Vet, they have decent clippers. It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but you’ll get it quickly. They also sell manual clippers (a big scissor looking thing) that you can use to help fix the rough spots.

    1. BUT, a 1200lb steer is probably chill. Meanwhile, Porter is in a constant state of movement. It would be like giving someone a haircut while they raved on Ecstasy.

      Also, I’m pretty freakin’ lazy.

      1. LOL! Sometimes even cattle are ticklish, odd fact of the day. ;-) But, I can totally relate to not necessarily wanting to do it, I have similar feelings about cleaning my house. Also, the mental image of you clipping Porter while he’s “raving” is pretty hilarious, just thought I should let you know. :-D

  2. Porter is so stinkin cute! His mustache makes him look like serious business :)

    I LOVE all the ATK cookbooks. They are fantastic, I’m slowly accumulating the whole collection… My favorite is the family cookbook, and it comes in a convenient binder, so you can pull pages out as needed!

  3. Nick, this is your friend, the grammar nazi who reminded you that eggs are not dIEd but dYEd?
    Sheep are shEAred, not shEEred. If you SHEER him, you’d probably do some serious damage! xox
    He is VERY CUTE, though, I love the one side being more taupe colored than white; is that real or just a shadow?
    Our rescue mutt, Gracie, leaves dander all over the dam house, but we love her still!!


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