The Internet Kitchen: Giveaway Winners and Such!


The Internet Kitchen: Giveaway Winners and Such!

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It’s possible that this has been the busiest few weeks of my life since I’ve started Macheesmo almost five years ago!  That really is saying something because it hasn’t exactly been a calm five years. With the move to Denver and a book deadline, I only had time to post once this week! That’s a record of failing for me!

Anyway, it’s in the past now and I have some good stuff lined up for the next few weeks. Hopefully, I can get back on the posting track.

Last week I started a giveaway for “Foodist” and I wanted to announce those winners! I’ll email the winners as well obviously but they are:

Julie # 39
Sammijoy # 77
Anne # 142

The Poll

I actually have a kitchen and some time in the next week so let’s get the weekly poll rolling again!  I picked four recipes from Bouchon Bakery that looked somewhat doable.

[polldaddy poll=”7159094″]

The Links

My Mom’s Eggrolls – Okay. Not my Mom’s eggrolls but Christine Ha’s mom’s which is without question better (sorry mom). These look crispy and delicious and I bookmarked them super-hard. (@ Food Beast)

Grilled Beet Salad – I’ve made beet burgers but never just tossed beets on the grill. Turns out they look really good. (@ They Year in Food)

How to Cook Pork Tenderloin – I don’t cook pork tenderloin that much because it’s actually really hard to get right temp-wise. One way to solve the problem… wrap the thing in pancetta. (@ Sippity Sup)

Momofuku Bo Ssam – This recipe was actually first on the NY Times, but I’m linking to the place I found it and also the photos that made me want to stop whatever it was I was doing and make it. (@ Arugula Files)

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