The Internet Kitchen: Getting Macro!


The Internet Kitchen: Getting Macro!

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I’ve been using just two lens for my photos here for the last few years and I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new lens last week.

My new baby is a 50mm Macro lens which allows me to focus on a subject from a very close distance (like these coffee beans). That translates to some serious food porn!

I’ll be experimenting with this sucker for the next few weeks trying to figure out the best way to use it regularly. Hopefully, it’ll do what it’s supposed to do which is to make you hungry.

For the poll this week, let’s do a few things from the new Bon Appetit!

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And a few links!

Saveur’s Food Blog Awards – Saveur just opened up the nominations for their annual Best Food Blog awards! While I would of course be thrilled to be nominated, I more post it because you can nominate more than one site and you guys probably read a lot of great sites. So get to nominating! (@ Saveur)

Counter Culture – I usually don’t post opportunities that people email me about unless I really like the cause. This one caught my eye. I love the idea of writing a book about childhood food memories. I also love that they’re raising funds via a community rather than through a traditional method. I also really love the cover. (@ Kickstarter)

Corn and Basil Pizza – It’s officially spring time and I’m really craving fresh corn right now for some reason. This fun spring pizza caught my eye this week. (@ Sugar Laws)

Real Food Easter Egg Dies Dyes – There’s a lot of actual food that has plenty of color in it. Can you dye Easter eggs using stuff in your pantry rather than getting the dyes from the store? Turns out that you can. Some foods work better than others though! (@ Bitten Word)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I love tomatillo salsa!!!! Would love to see your take on it. My fav is the med green salsa from Chipotle- I haven't been able to get close enough to it.

  2. Ummm, minor quibble here, but while both roasted fingerlings and tomatillo salsa sound GREAT, neither is really in season now. Wouldn't these be better late summer or fall dishes? Not your fault, of course, but I'm trying to eat seasonally and find it odd when food magazines have things all out of order!

    1. Yea… both of those vegetables have pretty long growing seasons and fingerlings can actually be stored for months if stored correctly. Don't get me wrong… they're definitely fall veggies, but I don't think they're completely out of season during the spring also.

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