The Internet Kitchen: Full House!


The Internet Kitchen: Full House!

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This weekend Betsy invited some of her close law school friends to Denver to hike, drink, and eat their way through the mile high city! It’s going to be a bit cramped in our city apartment with six lovely ladies joining us for a few days, but we are gonna have a lot of fun also.

As you might imagine, I have quite the menu planned for the weekend and my fridge is jam packed with beers, wine, and LOTS of food. I planned ahead this time and did most of my grocery shopping during the week so I don’t have to brave the crazy weekend crowds.

Happy Labor Day to everybody!

This Week’s Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan features back-to-school dinners since most people are headed back to school this week if they aren’t already there. That means that all the dinners are super-fast, but still delicious.

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The Links

Blueberry Lavender Cake – I always have a hard time figuring out what to cook with lavender, but this coffee cake (of sorts) looks right up my alley. I imagine that fresh blueberries are the perfect addition. (@ Healthy Delicious)

Chocolate Sheet Cake – If you need a quick and delicious dessert for the holiday weekend, a good sheet cake will probably do the trick. This one looks pretty solid to me. (@ Recipe Girl)

Cherry Jam Danishes – Ok… so vegan baking isn’t really my thing, but for some reason these completely caught my eye. I couldn’t stop going back to them. To be honest, I probably won’t make them, but you should! (@ Oh, Ladycakes)

Corn Pancakes – For some reason I was on a bit of a sweet kick when I made this list this week, but here’s a savory recipe for ya. Corn is fresh and delicious right now so these are probably a good bet for brunch. (@ Purple Foodie)

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  1. I don’t think I have ever had a dish that contained lavender. I am really curious to how the Blueberry Lavender Cake tastes. I love the smell of lavender but never thought of having it in food.

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