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The Internet Kitchen: Fry Party!


The Internet Kitchen: Fry Party!

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Every year I try to host a deep fry party in the fall.  I’ve posted on my fry parties twice (2009, 2010).  Last year it was a pretty big success and one of the attendees said, “Hey. Why do you only do this once a year?”

I replied that it took approximately 12 months for my arteries to recover.

But after some encouragement, we decided to do it again in the spring before it gets too hot.

So, this weekend is the weekend!  I’ll be setting up my fryer, making delicious fried chicken, and frying whatever people bring me.

It’s a guaranteed good time as long as there are no hot oil accidents!

The Poll

I’m sure I’ll need to recover from the fry party.  Pick something healthy for me!

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The Links

Peanut Butter and Honey Ice Cream – It’s getting hot outside and besides ice cold drinks there’s nothing that I want more than a delicious bowl of ice cream.  I love this flavor combo. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Applesauce Cake – I don’t have any preserved homemade applesauce but I do have some store-bought stuff that I just might put to use on this cake.  If you happen to can your own though, even better! (@ Food in Jars)

Food Fascism – This post gave me a headache.  Reading the comments gave me a migraine.  I get that there are legit food allergies out there, but I’m over the fad diet crap. Just eat real food, people. And be grateful if someone takes the time to prepare you a meal. (@ Ruhlman)

100 Ways to Cook with Beer – Because I need more reasons to buy beer… (@ Endless Simmer)

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Have a great weekend everybody!  If you need me, I’ll be pulling something out of the fryer!

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  1. Most times I dislike that you moved West…Fry Party is a time I HATE that you did. Have fun buddy.

  2. There is a Brazilian recipe you should try for your fry parties. It is called “coxinha” (pronounced something like co-SHEEN). It means “little drumstick” in Portuguese. My brother-in-law from Brazil introduced us to them. They are DIVINE. Here is a recipe I found online that seemed similar to what we have: . It is GREAT with some Cholula! It’s one of those dishes that you could make the dough and filling ahead of time, and put your guests to work filling them. It is kinda fun to get your hands dirty sometime! I also use this method when I have people over for Chinese dumplings (this is how it was always done when I had dumplings at people’s houses in China, as well).

  3. Get out of town! My husband and I turned our annual 4th of July barbeque into Fried of July a few years ago. We deep fry a turkey for the main course and we’ve added a new deep fried treat every year: steak and cheese wraps, pickles, oreos, twinkies… hello! I found a recipe for bacon wrapped chicken wings which I’ll be adding to the repertoire this year. Have fun!

  4. I understand the frustration with fad diets… but on the flip side, a lot of people have legitimate allergies and intolerances and I hate being treated like a nuisance when I ask if something contains flour or soy sauce. Some people don’t have the luxury of just eating whatever is prepared for them.

    Just want to mention that there are those of us with real reasons to be “picky” and it can sometimes be hard to tell on face value :-)

    Enjoy your fry party!

    1. Totally Brooke. I know lots of people with real dietary restrictions, but I’ve also had people tell me with a straight face that they are only allergic to non-organic milk which I just can’t wrap my head around…

      I think I need to write a post on the difference between an allergy and a preference…

      1. there are legit cases of those who have issues with non-organic milk but are ok with raw milk……which isn’t exactly the same as organic milk but perhaps that is what they meant???

  5. How about some fried vegetables? Use a tempura batter to coat zucchini , yellow squash, carrots cut into thick sticks and potatoes cut into french fries or chips.

    1. Oh- I love fried veggies! Don’t forget about fried green beans and broccoli- those are my fav!

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