The Internet Kitchen: Football


The Internet Kitchen: Football

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Even though football season has been well under way for over a month, I’ve yet to see an entire game. It turns out that if you ask about North American football in South America, it doesn’t go well.

This weekend though, I’ll be watching some games! Probably try to get in some college and NFL action.

I’m pretty excited to be home for a weekend with not much planned.

The Poll

Since I’m going to be watching football, maybe we can make a football snack?

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The Links

2013 Michelin Star Reviews – I’ve been to exactly zero of these places, but the photos are awesome and mouth-watering. Lots of hard work goes into getting a tiny little star or two. (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Brussel Sprout Salad – I love brussel sprouts in the fall and winter. This salad looks really wonderful and simple and the photos are great. (@ Healthy Delicious)

Fried Lasagna – Who hasn’t had a hunk of leftover lasagna in their fridge at one point or another? Never, ever, thought to do this with it though! (@ Food in my beard)

Caramelized Apples – I may go pick some apples this weekend if Betsy can convince me to remove myself from the couch. If I do, this side dish looks like a winner to me. (@ Food Loves Writing)

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Photo by Rachel Fishman.

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