The Internet Kitchen: Food Prices


The Internet Kitchen: Food Prices

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There’s been a lot in the news recently about soaring food prices and I must say it doesn’t look good. While I haven’t noticed any large spikes in prices at the local grocery store just yet, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it soon. These types of supply issues (which most people think is what’s causing the price spikes) affects most other countries way more than the United States, but there will still be some affect here.

What will this mean for consumers? It’s hard to say, but I maybe it’ll mean that people will have to diversify their food choices. If grain prices are going through the roof maybe other types of grains/rice will be able to gain some entry into the market.

If corn prices continue to explode, that could mean that processed foods become more expensive which will maybe push people away from them. Also, it will mean that the price of beef will have to increase substantially which might make people eat less of it.

In general though, it’s always bad if food prices drastically rise faster than inflation. Personally, I’m getting mentally prepared to see a hike at the stores, but I don’t think this will be the end of days that some people think it will be.

In that vein though, let’s make something economical this week!

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And a few links…

Beyond the Eternal Food FightA great back and forth between a few experts debating whether or not the current price increases are temporary fluctuations or here to stay. Pretty good read. (@ Dot Earth)

Broccoli with Cheetos – Somehow it has become a trend to mix junk food with high class dishes. This baffled me for a minute, but after thinking about it there’s some things that make a whole lotta sense. Cheetos with broccoli? I can see how that would rule. (@ The Bitten Word)

Pasta Rolls – If you like to make your own pasta and want to try out something new and fun, these guys look awesome. I thought about making them for a Super Bowl party but I think they might be a bit to classy. (@ The Food in My Beard)

Kimchi and Apple Sausage – I love kimchi so much. I can easily house a whole jar of it before you can say, “Spicy Cabbage!” The spicy kimchi with some slightly sweet apple sausage sounds really good. (@ Endless Simmer)

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