The Internet Kitchen: Final Touches


The Internet Kitchen: Final Touches

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Next week is my absolute, final deadline for the cookbook and I couldn’t be more ready to turn it in. Not only because I think it’s awesome and I want to see it on shelves, but mainly because I’m pretty sick of looking at it. After what has been basically two years of writing, photographing, and editing, I’m ready to have it out of my hands!

Over the weekend, I’m plowing through all 360 double-spaced pages of the thing for a final edit round and then pressing SEND.

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The Links

Cooked Food for Thought – If there’s one universal language for the entire world, it’s probably food-related. I love that idea and this thoughtful posts explores what that means. Bonus tip: There’s a great diet tip included. It’s called “You can eat it, if you can cook it.” (@ Ruhlman)

Cherry Panna Cotta – This is beautiful but also uses some of my favorite summer flavors (cherry/hibiscus). Also, I love the idea of goat cheese in a panna cotta. (@ Design Lovefest via Love and Olive Oil)

The Best Banana Pudding – I’m a banana pudding nut, but to be honest, I’ve never made it from scratch because the kind I love is the simple kind (‘Nilla wafers, bananas, boxed pudding mix). This looks really good though and has a surprise ingredient. (@ Cupcake Project)

#PaulasBestDishes – The Deen family has has some rough PR bumps over the last year or so, but this one definitely takes the cake I think (if it’s accurate). Apparently, she gave some pretty interesting testimony recently that has spawned a great twitter hashtag. I hope she bought her PR team something nice for the holidays… (@ Eater)

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