The Internet Kitchen: Double Down


The Internet Kitchen: Double Down

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Having weddings to go to two weekends in a row is something that Betsy and I try to avoid at all costs, but we will be doubling down this weekend for a fun trip to Steamboat Springs. This follows our almost week long trip to NYC last weekend for a wedding.

We decided to go to both weddings because we have mild couple crushes on both couples.

It’ll be interesting to see the differences between a New England beach wedding (photo on the right is from last week’s wedding) and a small mountain town wedding. One thing I think both weddings will have in common is beer.

The Poll

I was in Chinatown with a good friend in New York who actually knows Chinese and knows all the good spots. Now I’m kind of on a Chinese food kick so want to try some things this week.

You pick with the knowledge that I’ll probably massacre all of these dishes.

[polldaddy poll=”6332450″]

The Links

Sriracha Lollipops – I’m not much of a lollipop fan, but I’m so much of a Sriracha fan that I’ll let it slide. Plus they look awesome. (@ Sprinkle Bakes)

Grilled Cheese Crepes with Chard – These just look like summer to me. I can imagine snacking on these on the porch with a cold drink. (@ A Couple Cooks)

Nectarine Blackberry Pie – These flavors sound really interesting, but I just love the spiral cut nectarines. Such a good lookin’ pie. (@ Eat the Love)

Double Berry Puff Pancake – I love pancakes, but I really love large pancakes that you can bake all at once. This one looks amazing and I love all the fresh berries. (@ Recipe Girl)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I really love pan fried dumplings—but too often restaurants seem to just deep fry them. I love the caramelized , slightly crispy but chewy bottom that you get with the pan frying. I spent about 6 months in China, and we would often have dumpling parties. They would have the filling made and skins made, and then everyone would work together to fill the dumplings. I have actually done that a few times with my friends since I got home….make them work for their food (with a bottle of wine or some local beer, of course!)

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