The Internet Kitchen: Dim Sum and MSG


The Internet Kitchen: Dim Sum and MSG

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A friend here in Denver offered to take Betsy and I out to Dim Sum last weekend and we eagerly accepted. I hadn’t been to Dim Sum in a long time and was looking forward to stuffing my face. If you’ve never had Dim Sum, it’s a popular (typically brunch) style of eating in Chinese restaurants where you order your food off of carts that zip around the room.

I love it not just because the food is delicious, but because of the chaos of the event. As soon as you sit down, carts storm your table and have all sorts of dumplings, rice dishes, fried foods, and all kinds of fun foods. We completely stuffed our faces and the final bill was like $15/person. Not bad!

After I was done I had to go home and chug a gallon of water because I felt like I had ingested about a pound of salt!

One thing that is prominent in a lot of the very dishes that I had at dim sum is MSG (SHOCK!).  As it happens, yesterday a reader emailed me this amazing article from Buzzfeed on MSG. It’s probably one of the better articles I’ve ever read on that particular site. The short of it is that the rumor that MSG is necessarily bad for you is pretty much made up. Whether you realize it or not, you probably eat MSG every day (ever had Doritos?). Anyway, the article is long but definitely worth a read if you have fears, or want to learn more, about MSG.

My favorite quote from the article is about halfway through and pretty much sums up my thoughts on the issue:

“Simply put, the foods that provide an average American his or her FDA-estimated half-gram of MSG daily are not healthy. But not because of MSG.”

This Week’s Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan is all about farmer’s market ingredients. There are some fun, easy, and delicious recipes that feature zucchini, peaches, cherries, and a killer stir-fry that uses all kinds of wonderful veggies.

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The Links

Honey-Sweetened Peach Chutney – Peaches are at their best this time of year and if you have a spare few hours, grab a few boxes of peaches and make a good jam or chutney. This one caught my eye this week. (@ Food in Jars)

Savory Figs and Chicken – I love a good braised chicken dish and pairing it with some sweet, fresh figs sounds perfect for a late summer dinner. (@ Sippity Sup)

Grilled Fish on the Half Shell – This is a crazy recipe in that it’s actually very easy. I’ve just never thought of it. If you can find a nice piece of fish with thick skin and scales, this is the only way to do it this time of year in my opinion. (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

Avocado Health Facts – Betsy and I eat a lot of avocados. We burn through 4-5 a week to be honest. That said, I didn’t know some of the stuff on this list which will just encourage me to eat more of them! (@ Huff Post)

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  1. Agh! I love that article! Thanks for sharing. My brother has also been staunchly against msg…until recently when he began learning to cook in Hunan and Cantonese styles and he grudgingly bought some. I think he’ll like to read this take on it.

    And I’ll like to say I told you so. So, you know, it works out all around.

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