The Internet Kitchen: Demolition Derby!


The Internet Kitchen: Demolition Derby!

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This entire week our local county fair is celebrating its 125th anniversary which is pretty huge. Betsy and I don’t really have time to check out the activities during the week, but we do plan on heading down to the fairgrounds tomorrow.

What’s not to love about the fair? Check out some homemade goods, maybe ride a ride or two, lose a few bucks on unwinnable games…

Most importantly, we will make sure to get excellent seats for the demolition derby which is one of my favorite strange activities in the world. Take a bunch of old cars, turn them into armored vehicles, and ram them into each other until something catches fire.

I’ll pay $10 to see that any day.

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The Links

The Chick-Fil-Gay – I love this video (Has sound) for how to make a great looking homemade chicken sandwich. “Best time for a chicken sandwich? Sunday morning. When is Chic-fil-a closed? Sunday morning” Also, they don’t like gay people… (@ Hilah Cooking)

Party Pan Pizza – I’m pretty sure that I could make something like this once a week and it would go over just fine. (@ David Lebovitz)

Grilled Peach Old Fashioned – It’s no secret that I love a good old fashioned. It also happens to be peach season now so this is a pretty natural combo for me to fall in love with. (@ The Bitten Word)

Pork Belly Steam Buns – I’ve been on a bit of a pork belly kick lately and steam buns are some of my favorite things. Definitely want to try out the homemade steam buns… (@ Turntable Kitchen)

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Have a great weekend everybody!

Cool Derby photo by Gary Paulson.

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  1. It’s been years since I’ve been to a demo derby, I miss them. Our current county doesn’t have one at its fair, but they do have a rodeo–which is almost as good. :-)

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