The Internet Kitchen: DC


The Internet Kitchen: DC

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I’m back in DC this weekend mainly for some work events and meetings, but luckily I’ll get to see some old friends while I’m here also.

It’s always strange coming back to a familiar place after years away. Entire blocks have different stores and wall art. It also appears that I have more or less forgotten how to use the metro.

The first thing I noticed though is that it is very cold here. Much colder than in Colorado. I’ve always enjoyed winter though so that’s almost a plus for me.

The Poll

Next week is my annual cookie week on Macheesmo. I still have one cookie spot left open so you pick the ingredient to cookie-fy.

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The Links

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup – This soup looks great and all, but really I’m linking to this post because the opening line is the one of the funnier opening lines I’ve ever read on a food blog. (@ Greedy Gourmet)

Asian Pear and Rosemary Sparklers – These are sold as a non-alcoholic drink and they look delicious as-is. Or you could add gin to them. Just sayin’ (@ Turntable Kitchen)

General Tso’s Pheasant – A new take on an old Chinese food classic! I love the variation on this although you may not be able to actually find pheasant unless you hunt them yourself. (@ Hunter Angler Gardner Cook)

Rugelach – These are cute little twists and I figure I could eat about a dozen of them without taking a breath. These would be awesome for a Christmas or Christmas Eve breakfast treat. (@ Crepes of Wrath)

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