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The Internet Kitchen: Cookie Week!


The Internet Kitchen: Cookie Week!

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I’ve been busy this week baking more cookies than I can eat because next week is cookie week here on Macheesmo.

All week long, cookies for you for the holiday season!

There will be a variety of shapes, sizes, and temperatures, but most importantly there will be butter.


I’ve left one spot blank on Thursday so you guys can vote for a cookie of your choosing.

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And a few links!

Broccoli Soup – This is a delicious looking soup for a cold December day.  More importantly though, this is one of my new favorite food blogs out there (or at least new to me).  The pair good recipes and photos with music.  I find it hard to cook without music so this is right up my alley.  (@ Turntable Kitchen)

How to Cook Perfect Rice – A fantastic walkthrough on how to make and store really good rice without a rice cooker.  I’ve never thought to make ahead and freeze rice.  I’m going to have to make some room in my freezer I think… (@ Summer Tomato)

Holiday Sriracha Chex Mix – I can imagine have a huge tub of this stuff sitting around over the holidays.  I can also imagine eating the whole thing by myself. (@ Tablespoon)

Deep Fried Spinach – One of my favorite Indian restaurants when I used to live in DC was this place called Rasika.  They made this wonderful dish called crispy spinach.  Sounds weird, but it was my favorite.  I imagine that this has a similar texture.  (@ Sugar Laws)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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