The Internet Kitchen: City Slickers!


The Internet Kitchen: City Slickers!

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Betsy and I have some friends visiting from the big city this weekend.

Like New York City.

Yea.  That’s right.  We convinced people to come to small town Colorado from the Big Apple.  Honestly though it wasn’t that hard of a sell.  There’s tons to do here in the summer and I may have lured them with some promises of good food and drink.

Little do they know, I plan to be super-annoying by quoting lines from City Slickers at least a dozen times a day.

For example, this will be plastered on a sign welcoming them:

“You ain’t gonna get any nouveau, amandine, thin crust, bottled water, sauteed city food. Food’s brown, hot, and plenty of it.”

So awesome.

There’s a new Bon Appetit out and I thought it was a pretty good issue.  Betsy gave it a solid, “Meh” but I figured I could do a poll out of some of the recipes.

[polldaddy poll=”5248584″]

And a few links as always!

Corned Beef – Oh lordy.  I’ve been meaning to try and make corned beef literally since I started Macheesmo.  Every weekend I always think, “Is THIS the weekend I’ll make corned beef?”  The answer is always no for some unexplainable reason.  Anyway, you can do it at home.  Here’s how!  (@ Not Derby Pie)

Skillet Eggs and Squash – Ok.  So these gents are officially better at photographing the food they cook than the magazines that originally cooked it.  They make this dish just look amazing.  I’m such a sucker for a perfectly cooked egg.  (@ The Bitten Word)

Individual Peach Upside Down Cakes – Really fun idea and it is peach season these days!  You could make all kinds of different upside down cakes using this method!  (@ Savory Reviews)

Halibut Tacos – I love a good fish taco, but what I really liked about this recipe is the blue corn tortilla and the awesome salsa.  Just killer.  (@ Food Blogga)

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  1. My son ate a grilled ham, cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch today! He grilled or not he calls them pickle sandwiches and he always eats them with another pickle on the side! (He's 4 so you can substitute turkey, chicken or pork for the ham without too many complaints.)

  2. I tired direct messaging you on Twitter in response to you being on NBC 11 news, but I couldn't because you aren't following me. :) I was going see if there was a link to you being on the news so I could check it out.

  3. Hmm, eggplant fries…even if they don't win I might have to figure these out. For some reason I'm determined to like eggplant more than I do. I've discovered the only way I really, really like it is boiled and pureed into baby food! And even that doesnt sound appetizing when I say it out loud. Happy visit with your friends!

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