The Internet Kitchen: Carbondale


The Internet Kitchen: Carbondale

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Betsy and I are headed out of town today to spend the weekend with her Mom and Uncle in Carbondale.

The original plan was to do a bunch of hiking over the weekend, but I’m still way below 100% on my knee so I won’t be doing much hiking. I  might try to get in some fishing though, plus plenty of good food.

We are bringing Porter the Wonderdoodle also so I’m sure he will keep me entertained.

I’m not planning on cooking much while we are there honestly, but when the Mother-in-law requests a specific meal, you make it happen darnit!  In this case, that meal is my short rib ragu with homemade pasta.  I’m happy to comply with that request because it’s one of my favorite meals to cook for a crowd.

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The Links

Pomegranate Sex on the Beach – Why have I never made popsicles?  I have no idea.  It’s not like it’s hard. Every time I see a tasty popsicle it makes me want to make them… especially if it has booze in it! (@ Endless Simmer)

Blood Orange Marmalade, Three Ways – Beautiful photos and wonderful recipes.  I find store-bought marmalade to be a bit on the sweet side, but I have a feeling I would like any of these versions (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Spherification – I’m not huge into food gastronomy (I majored in philosophy – not chemistry), but these might just sway me.  It doesn’t look too hard to make these and they would be awesome to use for toppings. (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Spanish Anchovy Salad – It’s practically impossible for me to find good anchovies but they are one of my favorite seafoods.  I’m really jealous of this salad.  You are also apparently supposed to listen to Beach House while you eat it which is cool. (@ Turntable Kitchen)

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Have a great weekend everyone and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Photo by Scott Ingram.

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