The Internet Kitchen: Car Camping


The Internet Kitchen: Car Camping

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Betsy and I are going car camping with a few people this weekend.  It’s our first overnight camping trip of the year so we are starting pretty slowly.  Car camping is fun because you can bring lots of yummy food and booze and just hang out with friends.

And of course we are bringing the new pooch which should be a great time.

We are going somewhere in the Yankee Boy Basin which is known for having lots of awesome wildflowers and stuff this time of year.  It’s also known for having a lot of snow so hopefully we can get in and out without trouble!

Reader’s Choice!

I usually do polls on Friday, but occasionally I like to open it up.  If you have a recipe (or idea for a recipe) that you’d like me to try, leave a comment with it!  It could be something that you’ve wanted to try but maybe aren’t sure about a step or just a vague idea.

I’ll pick one and do that for next Thursday’s post!

And a few links as always!

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong At Your Dinner PartiesThis is a pretty accurate and funny post on things that a lot of people do wrong when they decide to host a dinner party.  I’ve been known to fall prey to at least a few of these for sure.  (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Srirachy Joes – I’m on a huge sriracha kick these days.  I’ve burned through almost an entire bottle in a few weeks.  I’m so into it right now that I was brushing my teeth last night and thought, “Man.  They should make sriracha toothpaste.”  Anyway, these look good.  (@ Food in my Beard)

Fig and Port Wine Pops – A reader emailed me earlier in the week asking me to think up some fun fruit pops for summer.  I’m working on it, but the team over at Endless Simmer has a good jump on me.  They’ve been posting some delicious pops recently.  This version particularly caught my eye.  (@ Endless Simmer)

Butterbeer for Adults – A certain crazy movie series is coming to an end finally this week and a lot of blogs have been posting fun menus for the launch of the final movie.  This is kind of a crazy idea but it looks really tasty and similar to egg nog… which is one of my favorite things ever.  (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by The Gonger.

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  1. Hi Nick! I've been thinking it would be great if there was some kind of a meatless sandwich salad-spread. When I ate meat, I really liked tuna salad and ham salad sandwiches. Easy, delicious, comfort food stuff. Maybe someday you could do something like that?

  2. For the readers choice… how about Bibimbap? Its a Korean dish that I've always wanted to make, but have been too intimidated to try. Might make an interesting post!

  3. How about a recipe that makes a ton and freezes well for those week nights dinner ? I'm always looking for something other than lasagna or bolognese pasta.

    1. Ohh, good one, I second this idea! If it doesn't use the oven (I try to avoid it in the summer), even better.

  4. In honor of summer and BBQ I say you get a BBQ smoker and do a piece about slow cooking Texas-style BBQ ribs and pulled pork. Perhaps with creative rubs and sauces that may or may not contain beer. Just a thought.

  5. I have a ton of corn in my CSA share, and I absolutely love tamales. I would like to do something with the husk other than throw it out. Making tamales seems a bit daunting, but I was hoping you could make it seem easy and flavorful. Enjoy camping, I'm off to do the same!

  6. Nick, as I am going car camping twice in the next month, what did you guys eat while camping? I need some non-hot dog ideas. Rumor has it that you can make a lot of stuff in a dutch oven over the fire . . .

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