The Internet Kitchen: Campus Kitchens Project


The Internet Kitchen: Campus Kitchens Project

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A good friend of mine sent me an email recently about a great program that I had never heard of called The Campus Kitchens Project. This is a program where students (high school and college) work to recover food from local kitchens that would normally go to waste and then use that to cook meals for the community.

She told me that last year “they recovered over 400,000 pounds of food and cooked 250,000 meals.”

That’s astounding. Here’s a visual infographic of the amazing work they did last year (click on it for a larger view).

Today is the first day in a week long fundraising effort by the organization called “Raise the Dough”. While they do repurpose a huge amount of otherwise wasted food, they do need some funding for supplies and training.  I wish I would’ve been involved in something like this in college!

You can learn more about the program on their website or donate directly here!

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Samoa Popcorn – Sweet and salty smacked together! This is a snack that’s up my alley, but I love the little animations on this site. (@ Top with Cinnamon)

Bean Bowls with Poached Egg – This is my kind of meal. I could honestly see eating this for any meal of the day. Or all meals of the day. Whatever. (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad – I’m a huge brussel sprout fan and while I usually just roast them this is a really interesting salad and one that I want to try out asap. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Meatballs and Marinara – There is two important things about this recipe. First, it’s gluten-free and I know that appeals to a lot of people these days. Second, the post shows you a genius way to make meatballs in bulk and freeze them for later! (@ Make it Naked)

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  1. This should honestly be world spread! Ahh.. the people we could feed & the money we could save. I was homeless for 1 year due to bankruptcy of a company and no prior work experience (directly out of highschool) and had to eat out of soup-a-terias and places that served hot meals, as well as food banks and such. If this were to go on here in Canada as well, it could save a lot of peoples lives and make them better. :) I wish I could be apart of an organization like this to give back to the community!!

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