The Internet Kitchen: Camping Take Two


The Internet Kitchen: Camping Take Two

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Last weekend we packed up the car and backpacks and headed to the Gunnison national forest.

Given that we were going to the mountains, we had a rain plan. We wrapped things in plastic and had some rain gear at the ready because we knew that afternoon showers are pretty common.

That said, Colorado has been particularly dry this year so what we didn’t have was a MONSOON plan.

He had a seven mile trek into the lake where we were going to camp and after about 1/2 a mile it starting raining. Hard. We pushed on for another two miles or so thinking it would let up. It never did. We were soaking wet and Porter was no longer having fun.

So we turned around and headed back to the car. It pretty much rained the whole walk out as well so all of our gear was completely soaking wet by the time we hit the car.

It’s possible that if we trekked on to the lake, it would’ve cleared up eventually. But it’s also possible that we would’ve just been miserable and freezing the whole time.

So, we are trying it again this weekend, but just going car camping a few miles from our house. I believe we should be able to do this!

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Have a great weekend everybody! Remember that you can still enter to win a copy of Food in Jars for the next few hours!

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  1. Ah, Nick. Such memories. We came out of a canyon once on motorcycles, soaked to the skin, and again on a river trip where we were drenched in cold rain. These are the best days of your life. Enjoy!

  2. Where is the “camping recipes” section of your recipe archives? :) I have searched food blogs high and low for definitively good camping recipes and haven’t found much at all. The best recipes are in the comments and are very vague.

    What do you cook when you camp sir?

    1. Ha! Yea… there isn’t much out there I think because unless you are car camping the options are a bit limited :)

      I’ll see what I can come up with though!

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