The Internet Kitchen: Bwoston!


The Internet Kitchen: Bwoston!

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I’m in Boston right now working at the annual conference for my job. I haven’t been to Boston in a really long time so I’m looking forward to exploring a bit and eating plenty of chowda. Much of my time will be spent in a hotel setting up for the conference, but I’ll probably get some time to explore.

Weirdly, I’m also flying to New York for one night while I’m in Boston to go to a good friend’s wedding then flying back to Boston the next day to finish the conference!

Once this stint of traveling is done, I’m not going anywhere until Thanksgiving and really looking forward to being a home body…

fallgreensThis Week’s Meal Plan

This week’s plan is one of my favorites so far. It’s all about delicious fall greens. The meals in the plan are quick, but filling and sturdy. They are perfect for a cozy fall week. You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out the plans and see if you like them!

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No poll this week because I’m traveling, but here are some links!

The Links

Root Down in Denver – I don’t usually link to restaurant reviews but this one caught my eye because Betsy and I have heard more about this place than any place in Denver. It’s also really hard to get a reservation there! I’ve tried a few times and failed so far. Haha. Someday we will get there I’m sure. (@ Spinach Tiger)

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip – I make a very unhealthy version of this dip (tears of loss dip), but to be honest, the healthier version is probably just as tasty (or close). It gets a lot of its flavor from the buffalo sauce either way. (@ Endless Simmer)

Stop Using Store Bought Pasta Sauce – Yes. Please stop this. I’ve written about this also, but Dan took it a step further and gives five awesome alternatives to the jarred stuff. (@ Food in my beard)

Spaghetti Carbonara with Kale – Apparently I’m not the only one thinking of sturdy leafy greens this week. This recipe also looks fast and perfect for fall. (@ Serious Eats)

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Awesome Boston photo by Chris Devers.

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  1. Nick, thanks for the link. As far as Root Down, just walk in. My a miracle I got a reservation, but they did tell me on the phone they save a few tables for walk ins. It’s a great place and I wish it was in Nashville.

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