The Internet Kitchen: Breweries by RV


The Internet Kitchen: Breweries by RV

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This weekend I’m headed to Denver with about ten guys for what I believe will be an epic bachelor party. We all pitched in and rented an RV and will be cruising up and down the front range of Colorado sampling some fine Colorado brews.

The brewery schedule isn’t completely etched in stone, but we are for sure hitting up Left Hand, Avery, and Oskar Blues (their Dales Pale Ale is frequently listed as one of the best pale ales in the US and with good reason) and will probably swing by Coors just to see how the big boys do it.

The semi-scary thing: I’m in charge of driving our 32 foot beast in and around the Denver area. I think I’m going to use the age-old RV driver rule of the road which is: I’m in an RV so you should probably get the hell out of my way!

But seriously, I’m going to be super-careful and we aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere so I think it’s gonna work out just fine.

The Links

No poll this week everybody because I’m gone all week and then promptly moving to Denver next week so my kitchen time is very limited!

Here’s a few fun links though!

Macheesmo on Smarter Science of Slim – A month or two ago I e-met Jonathan Bailor who runs a really great podcast (along with many other ventures including a book). The podcast focuses on smarter eating. He invited me on and we chatted about cooking and how it can help improve health. Check it out! (@ The Smarter Science of Slim)

Five Cooking Shows You Can Watch Online – There is a huge amount of cooking shows that are available online, but this list includes some of my favorite from really excellent chefs that also have a gift for explanation and teaching. If you have some downtime, there is a huge amount of stuff on these pages. Pesonally, I’m a sucker for Molto Mario. (@ Amateur Gourmet)

A Nice Number – As someone who just turned 30 a few months ago, this post really resonated with me. It’s a great write-up and also includes a killer pancake recipe. (@ Turntable Kitchen)

Hot Dogs Go Haute – A fun list of a few fancy hot dogs. I love me a good hot dog!  (@ Endless Simmer)

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  1. It’s out of the way, but you’re all missing out if you don’t make it up to Ft. Collins.
    All within the city limits (and within about 3 miles of each other):
    * New Belgium
    * Odell
    * Ft. Collins Brewery
    * Funkwerks
    * Equinox
    * Coopersmith’s
    * Pateros Creek

    …and those are just the ones I can think off off-hand – a couple of new ones opened/are opening soon down in mid-town.

    If you add a 10 mile radius, you pick up Grimm Bros. in Loveland and Budweiser up North (if you really, absolutely have to).

  2. Love Oskar Blues, ask for the ghost pepper wings (they aren’t on the menu). Really good, got me started on a hot kick.

  3. I second Phil’s comment about Ft. Collins. So many great breweries up there! Maybe you and Betsy will have to plan a Ft. Collins brewery tour after you move.

    Denver has a ton of good beer, too. I’m sure you guys will have a blast.

  4. We’ve done that a few times for football games–living in the NYC area if the Jets made the playoffs (we had season tickets) it was so cold in January that was the only way tailgating was enjoyable.

    And if you’re responsible for driving doesn’t that take some of the fun out of it for you (as in, no beer)?

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