The Internet Kitchen: Brew Time!


The Internet Kitchen: Brew Time!

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I finally blocked off a day scheduled to brew some beer this weekend and I’m really pumped about it. I haven’ brewed beer in a few years, but I used to do it occasionally. It’s a really fun process and not too hard.

Betsy and I are gonna have a few people over who are interested in the process, drink some beers, and maybe do some grilling. We’ll be brewing the beer outside so basically we are doing all summer activities in the middle of winter.

Bring it on Mr. Winter!

I’m planning on taking some photos and posting on the beer brew party although the actual process might need more than a single post dedicated to it.

Since beer is on my mind, here’s a few beer related dishes for the poll this week.

[polldaddy poll=”4419858″]

A few links!

Butternut Squash Hash – I’m on a huge hash kick these days (ex. my Sweet Apple Hash). This version just looked so warming and wintery. Really good stuff. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Pizza Cipolla – Caramelized onions that get nice and sweet are some of my favorite toppings. This great pizza is covered in them! It’s also square which I like. (@ Arugula Files)

Maple Bacon Kettle Popcorn – This is almost too much. Almost. Maple and bacon are great flavors together so why not stick them on one of the best snacks ever… Kettle Corn! (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Top 10 New Sandwiches – A really cool list of some of the crazy sandwiches people are coming out with these days… (@ Endless Simmer)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Garrettc.

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  1. Cool Nick, I can't wait to see what you come up with beer-wise. My wife's cousin's husband brews beer, and I tell you what, it is awesome! Here's to hoping yours will be the same!

  2. Pinch My Salt's Sunday mornings sound exactly like mine. And it seems we even make the exact same breakfast burrito. I love Mexican chorizo so much!

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