The Internet Kitchen: Anniversary Lobsters


The Internet Kitchen: Anniversary Lobsters

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Betsy and I don’t go out to eat very often, but we almost always go out for birthday dinners and anniversary dinners.

Betsy and I were married two years ago and these two years have gone really fast!

Instead of going out to dinner this year, we are doing something different.

We ordered two decent sized lobsters from Maine and the company is overnighting them to us tonight so we can have them tomorrow.  I’ve never cooked live lobster before, but it seems straightforward enough.

I’m planning on having some sides with the lobsters – maybe some hush puppies and fries or some sort of salad.

If anyone has any tips, leave a comment!

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Have a great weekend everybody!


Lobster photo by fortes.

18 Responses to “The Internet Kitchen: Anniversary Lobsters” Leave a comment

  1. Happy Anniversary, Betsy and Nick! Enjoy those lobsters, too! But it’s more important who’s on the chair next to you than what’s on the table…

    If you are planning to boil the lobsters, as soon as you remove them from the pot, let them drain for a moment and have a heavy knife ready and lop off the very tips of the big claws, and drain again. Otherwise your plate will have a big puddle in it. And if you put some of the lobster cooking water (salty, please) in the bottom of your butter-dipping ramekin, the butter will stay hot longer. My inlaws lived in Cundy’s Harbor, ME, on the water, across from a local lobster wholesaler. Cooked and ate a LOT of Maine lobsters back then.

  2. Hooray, Maine lobsters! Judy’s suggestion about draining them is great. I also like to put my butter ramekins in the oven to heat up before I use them; you need to be a bit more careful with them, obviously, but it helps keep the butter warm. I’d also suggest not wearing anything really nice, just in case of drips. ;) Also, don’t be too worried if your water bugs are sluggish or near-death (or actually dead)–as long as they haven’t been dead for more than 12 hours they’ll be fine to eat. My favorite lobster-shipping (and local seafood) place here in Portland is Harbor Fish Market. I’ve had great success both sending lobsters to people and transporting them from ME to PA.
    Happy Anniversary!!!


    Man those two years did fly by- I remember reading the wedding post. :) congrats to you both- enjoy your yummy dinner. You know…stuffed lobster tails are always yummy.

  4. We eat lobsters over here on the east coast quite a bit. I don’t “boil” them but I steam them with about 2 inches of water. I am always afraid that they will get waterlogged… Anyway they are rich and filling especially with butter so keep your side dishes light–roasted asparagus and salad would be good.
    If you and I mean IF you have any leftover claw meat (I am sure there won’t be tail meat leftover) make some lobster moutard the next day. Equal parts mayo, yellow mustard and dijon with a spash of lemon juice. Maybe like a tbsp of each depending upon how much meat there is – mix it up and add lobster and it is a great little snack on crackers. We always get big lobsters so there is a little extra for moutard the next day. Don’t forget to eat the knuckles the meat in there is like tender tail meat. If you want to be daring open the body and eat that meat like a crab. It is good too. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary and on your book! Lobstahs! Yum. As far as sides go, hushpuppies are all wrong. Blasphemy. That’s mixing too much southern with northern. You want clam chowder, corn dripping in butter, and a baked potato. Have fun!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful way to spend it :-) I agree with the others, keep it simple so you can enjoy the tender, meaty richness of the lobsters and serve it with easy sides like salad and baked potato.

  7. Go with Potatoe salad – easy and nice. Coleslaw too. Something simple that you can eat cold – your focus will be on the lobsters. We also do a nice glass of pinot grigio or a IPA if you like beer. Steam in salty water is really the best way – keeps the meat nice.

    Best wishes and really enjoy the blog.

    Scott (from New Brunswick, Canada)

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

    I’m a steadfast New Englander and spend many a day in Maine. Don’t forget the Old Bay Seasoning, lemon and drawn butter.

    We usually always serve a good cole slaw with any lobster bake.

    Boilded red potatoes.

    Have a great night!!! Let us know how it goes…..only the food part, no details necessary for the rest of the evening.

  9. We usually have spiny lobsters, since my husband was a lobster fisherman here in South Florida.

    I used to kill them by putting ice on them, then split them, clean the sand sac behind the head, which is the only inedible part…..the red roe and green liver are edible if you feel adventurous.

    Then stuff with a nice bread stuffing, with peppers, onions and some garlic, maybe crab if we had it, or shrimp, then bake at 400, briefly, until the lobster shell is just red.

    Side dishes sometimes did not get made, but rice or mashed potatoes were favorites with us. Enjoy your Maine lobsters, however you decide to eat them, they are sweet and tender for sure, and Happy Anniversary with Many Happy Returns of the Day!! :)

  10. From a girl born and raised in Maine (now landlocked in the upper mid-west) first of all I’m Jealous! Lobster is my Fave! I love a good baked or whipped potato along with my lobster. You already have lots of rich butter and what else goes better? Mmmmm Enjoy!

  11. Happy anniversary (I’m a little behind in my RSS feed)! How did the killing of the lobsters portion of the celebration go? It’s one of those things I’d like to say I can do but then the more I think about it…. the more I just want to go out for a lobster roll instead….

    1. Ha. It was super easy… of course, I did grow up in a hunting family so I’m kind of used to it.

      You just stick them in the water head first, they don’t fight or anything and die instantly. There’s also no “screaming” like some people report. That’s a myth.

      1. I think I could handle that method. I’ve seen it done (so I also knew the “screaming” isn’t real, and if you hear anything, it’s just steam escaping), but with the “jam a sharp knife into their tiny lobster brains,” which I just don’t think I have the stomach — or the forearms — for. Thanks for the head-first dip tip!

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