The Internet Kitchen: A Strange Climate


The Internet Kitchen: A Strange Climate

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I was completely wrong about the weather in the area of Colorado that Betsy and I live in now. For some reason, I had this idea that everywhere in Colorado was snow-packed and cold. It turns out that that’s not necessarily true. It’s actually warmer here now (50ish) than in DC!

There’s no snow on the ground. I went for a run yesterday outside and was actually burning up when I got back to my house. (I also got lost and ended up running twice as far as I expected.)

Of course, this hot spell could just be an anomaly. After all, it’s freezing in Florida right now so maybe the climate polls have just reversed or something.

That said, if anyone is reading this from the Northeast, I hope you are all safe and sound (you at least have Internet). Al Roker told me that you guys got pummeled with snow over the last week.

I’m in the mood for meatballs this week…

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And a few links!

5 Stupid (and smart) Ways to Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays – I hear all of these suggestions every year and I basically ignore them. Not drink over the holidays? Eat only healthy food? Are you kidding me? I’m glad someone finally called them what they are – stupid. Oh, and there’s some actual, good suggestions also. (@ Food Blogga)

Cocoa Cut Out Cookies – I had to link to at least one cookie recipe this week since it’s my cookie week. Not only do these look delicious, but the design is amazing. Someone has a really steady hand. :) (@ Delicious Days)

Popcorn Trail Mix – There’s always a need for quick snacks that you can have around in bowls during the holidays. A quick recipe like this with some popcorn, dried fruit, and nuts is perfect in my mind. Also, there’s a giveaway involved in the post so check it out and maybe win something! (@ Good Life Eats)

Spiced Holiday Butter – I was expecting this recipe to have some standard holiday spices in it – and it does. But it also has SCOTCH. So it has at least two of the food groups in it! Butter and booze. (@ Hungry Mouse)

Have a great weekend everyone. I think I’m gonna try to get a tan.

Photo by skez.

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  1. It was 4 degrees this morning here in southwest New Hampshire when I got up at 6:30- which is when Maya my chocolate lab decided go out. (I live but to serve.)

    I'm going to make a gingerbread house for my 7-year-old grandson this year. I don't suppose that's your thing, Nick? ;-) I was concerned it might be too girly but my daughter assures me he'll love all the candy on it.

  2. this is not typical weather for CO, last year around this time we had had a few actual snow storms with a few feet of snow, we may get a lot of snow in January and February because it is so nice now; and may be punished with a rainy summer, you never know :)

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