The Internet Kitchen: A New Hobby


The Internet Kitchen: A New Hobby

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Somebody has a new hobby: Tree climbing.

We’ve been letting Tipsy outside now that we have a yard. These days she spends probably half her day prowling around our yard. We make her come in at night though because I’m scared of mountain lions (seriously).

She’s yet to even leave our yard and I’m not sure that she ever will. Any time a car drives by she darts back to the porch so as not to be captured and taken away.

A few days ago I couldn’t find her after a few hours of her being outside.

And then I looked up! She was perched in a tree!

I was pretty worried that I’d have to call the fire department to get her down, but after some time, she scampered on down without a problem.

So yea. Cats are pretty freakin’ cool.

It has been a while since I’ve done a Homemade Trials, so I thought I’d plan on one next week and let you guys pick what I compare! I picked out four items from comments in the previous posts. What do you want me to compare, homemade vs. store bought?

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And a few links!

The Mighty Cheese Cracker – This could be a homemade trial on its own! These look so good though that I’m not sure it would be much of a contest. (@ Delicious Days)

Visual Pasta Lesson – If you’re interested in making pasta at home, it can be a bit intimidating the first time you pour a bunch of flour on your counter and hope to end up with something edible. Dan does an awesome job of walking you through the steps though. (@ The Food in My Beard)

Bacon Sundae – I’d probably eat one of these right now I guess. Or two. (@ Savory Reviews)

Spring Beer Cocktails – It is Spring and it’s starting to heat up outside. I can already imagine chilling on the porch with a pitcher full of these guys. (@ Tablespoon)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Our cat became a permanently outside kitty (though she has her own shed with a heater for when it's cold) because we couldn't keep her inside. They are pretty amazing, we inherited a declawed kitty once that could still climb trees and catch mice (he still had his dewclaws though, that might have been the difference).

    I'm hoping you choose tomato soup, because that canned stuff just isn't very good and the ones that are decent are kind of expensive. Then you can show us how to can it ourselves. ;-) If you do pasta sauce though, I sure hope it has some sort of meat in it so that you can show us how to can meat sauce. Are you seeing a trend here? :-P
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    1. Well, if pasta sauce wins, I'm not sure I can do a canning walkthrough also. I'm still working on learning that myself. ;)

  2. In my family we have been trying out different pizza crusts. Surprisingly, my husbands favorite (he L-O-V-E-S pizza) is Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust. (I wasn't a big fan)
    Anyhow, The only reason I have been buying pizza crust (Jiffy, Betty Crocker) is because I am too scared to make my own. Yeast is scarey!

    If you could like… test out a good pizza dough for me? Show how easy it is? Or how hard! This household would love you forever!

      1. I am such a blonde! I totally didn't realize you already had pizza posts besides the deep dish one… (I don't have a cast iron skillet, *gasp!*)

        Working on inheriting that one though….

        Thanks for the note!

  3. I know the experiennce of moving out of the city and to a more open environment and letting your cat out to be in the wild – even if it's your own yard. Here in the northeast we've seen a burgoeoning growth of Fisher-Cat population – these are over sized looking cats with "wolverine" like qualities. Like many free ranging animals each Fisher-Cat covers a large hunting territory often killing off pets in a given area moving on and returning maybe a year later. I've lost many cats to Fishers – out in your area you may have a similar but different predator – so I'm just sharing this with you. In the case of the Fishers they often hideout in trees and become aware of patterns of pets, such as certain times of day when they are let out. I'd check the internet under the search – "Disappearing Cats or Pets and see what comes up.

  4. I voted for tomato soup. I think if I did this, the canned stuff would win. I've made tomato soup from scratch a few times (b/c I can't get canned down in Ecuador), and it's definitely better, but not significantly. If I pulled out a can of Campbell's (which costs like pennies), add in milk instead of water, and maybe some fresh basil and thyme, then its actually very yummy especially with a nice grilled cheese sandwich. It takes only a few minutes to make and it's cheap and easy. Yes it does have a lot of salt, but so does almost anything processed (and honestly I put a decent amount of salt in my homemade tomato soup too… tomato really needs it). I like homemade over store bought any day of the week, but tomato soup isn't worth it in my opinion (and come on you gotta have a few go-to, quick and easy store bought solutions SOMETIMES). If I'm gonna spend the energy to cook down tomatoes, I'm making pasta sauce!! That being said, ANY other soup and I'm on the homemade train.

  5. I voted for pizza dough. All I can think of these days is making Italian food. I think I need to book a vacation to Tuscany before I go crazy. I had some amazing pizza recently at a place here in California called Mozza. I had a super thin crust with tallegio, thyme and a mix of mushrooms, It was really good! Even my 5 year old daughters "kid" pizza with spicy peporonata was out of this world, she actually ended up eating more of mine.

  6. Yum for pizza crust. I've made it, but sometimes I am lazy and use Naan bread for individual crusts.

    Hey just to let you know, cats can almost always get down from trees. If you just leave them alone for awhile (and watch from the secrecy of the house) they will work on it and they really can do it. I have cats who love to go out, just around our yard too. They seem to love to smell the fresh air so much it is hard not to let them out for awhile. I have never heard of Fisher cats….(Idaho)
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  7. hey if you do the pizza crust, let us know about any changes you make for the altitude. i'm 9k ft and my last pizza came out a bit too crackery. research on the subject has left me nowhere (conflicting advice all over the map with everyone ultimately saying it depends on your specific location, which yea i know, but some advice!! anyway, youre a trusted source so i'd like to know if you make adjustments for your altitude – tho i know ur abt half mine). as an aside, pizza in this country sucks, so i wonder if its the altitude or the food culture. my guess is a little bit of the first and a lot of the second.

    1. I'll do my best man, but the changes I make for my altitude (4500) won't even be close to what you would need. You'll probably just have to play with it to find something that works….

  8. I voted for the tomato soup! I have made many homemade versions, but I find it hard to beat in price and time. I hope another category can win besides taste. You have been challenged! Haha. I hope it gets picked now.

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