The Internet Kitchen: A New Hobby


The Internet Kitchen: A New Hobby

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This week I finally made the leap and purchased a sweet mountain bike.  I’ve rented them a few times to go out on trails around our house and I finally decided that I liked it enough to justify the rather hefty price tag.

Luckily, I was able to buy a used one off of a friend who had taken really good care of his bike, but was ready to upgrade.

I’ve only been out two or three times so far, but I can already tell that this is going to be a serious hobby for me.  There’s something amazing about cruising through mountain trails, rolling over boulders and sliding down rocky slopes.

I already have some pretty awesome battle scars from a few falls.

It’s almost like the adult version of building a ramp out of random pieces of wood as a kid…

It’s officially Fall, so let’s do a fall dish this week!

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A few links!

Pumpkin Pie Spice – You can buy this stuff jarred in the store, but I’m sure making it from scratch will leave you with a much more flavorful spice.  This is a great Fall pantry item to have on hand. (@ My Baking Addiction)

Freezing Herbs – It’s nearing the end of gardening season and you might have some fresh herbs still left in your garden.  If you do, here’s some great tips on preserving them for the winter!  (@ The Bitten Word)

Lisa Fain’s Seven Chile Chili – This looks deliciously flavorful, rich, and spicy.  All the things I look for in a chili!  As far as chili from scratch goes, I’m not sure it gets much better than this.  (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Ginger Spice Mixed Nuts – I could just imagine chilling with a big bowl of these and a few cold beers while watching football.  Looks like a great snack to have around the house. (@ The Perfect Pantry)


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Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by jc. heldens.


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  1. A big bowl of chili with crackers , sounds great, but here in Lakeland I would rather havesome salad with fried chicken on it. Too hot to even think about making chili.

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