The Internet Kitchen: A Garden Is Happening


The Internet Kitchen: A Garden Is Happening

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Sometime soon after SXSW, I’m going to get my very first garden up and running. I already have a general idea of where I want it and what I’m going to plant.

I think I’m going to build a raised bed garden because the ground is pretty hard in my yard. If I owned the house, I’d probably take the time to try to bring the soil back to life, but I’m not sure if that makes sense since Betsy and I might not be here forever.

Expect an update or two as I venture into my first gardening experiment!

After I repaired and seasoned my cast iron skillet, I want to make something in it. You pick!

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And a few links!

America’s Best New Sandwiches Take 2 – Another list of some awesome sandwiches being served throughout the US these days. If you happen to live in a one of these lucky cities, I hope you find the time to hunt down one of these! I’ll be on the look out for the Chacarero next weekend! (@ Endless Simmer)

Bulgogi Cheesesteak Sandwich – Speaking of sandwiches… my friend Dan posted this on yesterday. An awesome twist on both bulgogi and cheesesteak. There’s no way I’d turn one of these down. (@ Tablespoon)

Marinated Fresh Anchovies – I absolutely love anchovies. It’s one of my favorite appetizers. While I don’t mind the canned variety, freshly marinated ones are just out of this world. I’m not sure I can get my hands on any fresh ones, but if you’re lucky enough to have them around, do this. (@ Sippity Sup)

Artichokes and Cheesy Grits – Artichokes are notorious for being a big pain in the butt to prepare so if you’re going to do it, make sure you have a great application for them. This looks about as good as it get in my book! (@ No Recipes)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. For lazy people in DC, Cozy Cafe at 19th and L have that sort of bulgogi sandwich, and it's quite good=)

  2. I used leftover brioche dough to make a deep dish pizza in my cast iron skillet. It was epic.

    I know you didn't ask for gardening advice, but I just wanted to recommend, she has awesome seed starting advice and general garden tips, etc. Can't wait to hear about your plants!
    My recent post A Bitter Spritzer

  3. Raised beds are so awesome. When I lived in Ohio I had a 24 x 60 ft plot built into raised beds – the beds were about 40" wide with about a 20" path between the beds. I mulched in all of my leaves from the yard every fall plus had a awesome compost structure. You could literally punch your arm 8" into the soil.

    We put up 100 quarts of garden tomatoes every year (my wife was Italian-need I say more LOL). Also many qt's of yellow banana peppers. Life was wonderful in the garden and at the dinner table with red sauces at least — weekly! YUM

    I built a starting rack in the basement with heat tape and lights to get my tomato and pepper plants started by mid spring, then out to the cold frames in mid May. Worked just great.

    I don't imagine your new garden will be as aggressive, but am sure you will enjoy yours as much.

    I miss my garden Sooooo much. My 2 Golden Retrievers loved the cherry tomatoes and would grab them off the plants to eat them. Also the red raspberries were a favourite of theirs.

  4. Great post. Really benefited from the comments about raised garden beds. We plan to have a raised garden bed for the first time this summer. Your post/comments are very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

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