The Internet Kitchen: A Final Camp


The Internet Kitchen: A Final Camp

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This weekend, Betsy and I are taking our last camping trip on the Western side of Colorado before our move to Denver. We will just go for one night and it will be a serious car camping situation but I’m excited to get in some outdoors time before the move.

Can’t wait to get some nice fresh air and try out our sweet new tent that we got this year for Christmas!

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Pick a grilled food because I broke my stove (long story)

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The Links

Strawberry Hibiscus Jam – You should be able to snag some really fresh and delicious strawberries this time of year and this jam looks just perfect. I love the deep color that the hibiscus gives the jam. (@ Love and Olive oil)

Golden Bags – Call them dumplings or potstickers or just what they are: magic bags filled with delicious. This is how to make them and I’m sure it is worth the work. (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Greens and Cheese Pie – I love the looks of this homemade savory pie. Frankly I could probably make a meal out of this but it would be great for a side dish or appetizer also! (@ Not Derby Pie)

Insane Bloody Mary – Okay. This is just ridiculous. I have no words other than I’ll take two. (@ Food Beast)

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