Iced Spiced Coffee

Makes 4 cups.
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Iced Spiced Coffee: The thing you need to beat the summer heat this year. Make a big batch of it and take it easy.
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Helpful Equipment:

Coffee Grinder

Iced spiced coffee is cold brewed with whole spices and easy to make at home. A great way to beat the summer heat!


1/2 cup coarse ground coffee
4 cups room temp water
1 cinnamon stick
1 whole nutmeg, smashed
Milk or cream, for serving
Honey or sugar, for serving


1) Roughly grind coffee. Use a mallet to lightly smash cinnamon stick and whole nutmeg.

2) In a large container, add coffee and spices and room temperature or slightly warm water. Stir together and Let steep for at least 4 hours or ideally overnight.

3) Strain coffee using a french press or letting it drain through a filter.

4) Pour coffee over ice and add some sweetener and/or cream or milk if you want. It’s great black also though!