The Humble Legume

This delicious meal plan was posted on , by Nick

When people contact me and ask me about trimming down their food budget, the first thing I usually ask is, “How often do you eat beans?” The answer is almost always not enough.

Beans are delicious, cheap, and healthy and there’s just no reason why people shouldn’t be eating more of them. Because these dinners are all designed to be quick, I opted for canned beans in the recipes, but be sure to check the side bar in Meal 1 to learn more about cooking dry beans in big batches. And don’t worry, I used a variety of different beans in varying amounts so you won’t get sick of the legumes.

This weekly meal plan includes:

  • Black Bean Taco Salad with Spicy Corn Tortilla Strips
  • Pinto Bean & Yam Quesadillas and Corn Salsa
  • Cauliflower & Bean salad with Herb Roasted Salmon
  • Lunch Time White Bean Pasta Salad
  • Game Time Bean Dip

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