The Griddle Omelet

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Diner Omelet
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This omelet is super-fast to make and is really thin and packed with fillings. Just like you would find at a diner!


2 or 3 large eggs, beaten very well with a pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon butter
1/2 cup assorted vegetables
1-2 ounces cheese
Salt and pepper
Parsley for garnish (optional)


1) Sauté fillings for about a minute just to soften them up slightly. You can do this on the griddle or in a separate skillet.

2) Get the griddle hot. A drop of water should dance like crazy on it.

3) Quickly add the butter to the griddle and move it around to coat everything with the spatula.

4) Once the butter stops bubbling, add the eggs. Use a spatula and scoop all the eggs into a rough rectangle.

5) Add the cheese and any other fillings you have.

6) Do a two part fold. Fold the top over the fillings and then the bottom half over the top.

7) Now you have two options: Pull the omelet off the heat. It’s done! You may have some runny egg around the edges, but some people like it like that OR using the spatula, deftly flip (or roll) the omelet over so the seam of the fold is down on the griddle.

8) If you let it cook for another 30 seconds or so like this, then the egg will be completely cooked through. The cheese will be really melted by now also.

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