The Dude Turns Uno


The Dude Turns Uno

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Let’s get this cliche out of the way: Time goes fast when you have a kid.

Well, when time isn’t going incredibly slow, it’s going incredibly fast. How about that?

Anyway, our little dude turned ONE last weekend and so I thought I’d catch you all up on my Dad Journey.

Warning: If you don’t like photos of babies, maybe check out a random recipe instead!

12 Months

At the beginning, when Betsy told me she wanted to take monthly photos I must admit I wasn’t thrilled. One more thing to do. But, I’m so glad she stuck with it. It’s so cool to see how he grows month-to-month.

Over the course of the year, he went from a tiny 6 pounds to a hearty 21 pounds and grew almost 12 inches. He also grew a personality that’s large and in charge. (See month 10.)


As sad as it is to say, we don’t really have a baby any more. We have a boy.

His Best Friend

I’m already jealous. I wish I could say that I was his best friend, but that’s just not the case. His best friend is, hands-down, Porter the dog.

Ever since the Dude got his first mild cold, Porter wouldn’t leave his side.


They even requested matching Halloween costumes!


Pretty much nightly, they can now be seen chilling together on our couch, looking out our front window. I imagine that they are making fun of hipster teens that walk by our house.


Meal Time

As a food blogger, I was pretty nervous when it came time to feed this guy real food. Would he like it?

Turns out he will eat most things, which is nice. He still has picky days where he refuses stuff, but mostly he will eat what I stick in front of him. You don’t gain 3.5 times your weight in one year by going on a hunger strike.

The first pancake was especially a hit.

Eating pancakes

And then I blew his mind when I made him a low-sugar cupcake with banana frosting. I used this cupcake recipe and this banana frosting recipe!

Ignore the huge bruise on his forehead. He got in a fight with a door frame. You should see the door frame!


A Year of Firsts

Everybody knows that the first year of having a baby is a year of firsts: first steps, first bites, first everythings.

Here are a few firsts that are maybe less known…









The Whole Family

We are in good shape after year one and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Want to play a game?! Somebody has an ear infection in the below photo that nobody knew about. Can you guess who it is?!


Happy Birthday my dude!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Theo!!! Yes it does fly…fortunately they keep getting more and more fun, which makes it worth it. It’s interesting how his look has changed; I’d always thought he looked just like Betsy but his one year pic looks a LOT like you.

    Random question but in that baby pic is he in the rock n play bassinet the thing? Is it worth it or would a basic bassinet the work just as well? Doing research for quarto due in July.

    1. Hey September! Well, I can only speak for us, but it was a lifesaver! He slept in it until we moved him to his crib (I don’t remember when that was exactly, but we did the move kind of fast… def before 2 months). He was super comfy in it and it has a soft vibration that helps them sleep. We didn’t have a traditional bassinet, just used that and then transitioned to crib. The other nice thing about the Rock N. Play is it’s super light and easy to move around so they can sleep anywhere in it really. The only downside I heard of is that in rare occasions kids can spend TOO MUCH time in it on the same side their head gets a bit mis-shaped. I think thats rare though and we didn’t have any issue even though he was in for like 16 hours a day ;)

  2. Theo is shaping up to be just as dynamic as his parents! Happy Birthday Theo, keep up the good work mom and dad!

  3. Yay! Happy first birthday mom and dad- you guys made it! What a doll, too. I wish we’d been better with the monthly photos, cause it is really neat to see him go from squishy newborn to bona fide dude.

  4. What they said. Thanks for the pictures, I can never get enough of cute kid pictures and he’s a very photogenic dude.

  5. Too cute! Loved seeing the pix. Definitely worth the effort to do monthly photos because they change soooo much during that first year. At this point I remember looking at my son and wondering what was going on in his head and longing for him to begin talking (you have a ways to go till that happens). Mostly it was fascinating when he did.

  6. Happy Birthday Theo & well done Mommy, Daddy & Porter. Can’t get enough of these photos – thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Such a happy, beautiful Little Dude!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Theo sure is a lucky little boy to have such wonderful parents.

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