Chicken Fajitas: The Dinnernet

The Dinnernet: Chicken Fajitas

Cooking chicken fajitas is a great weeknight Tex-Mex meal, but how do you know how to find a good recipe on the Internet?? Watch The Dinnernet!


The Dinnernet: Chicken Fajitas

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On this 2nd episode of The Dinnernet, we are cooking Tex-Mex! Chicken Fajitas are an easy Tex-Mex dinner, but if you searched for this recipe you’d be smacked in the face with over 42 million results.

Let’s wade through those, pick three, and cook some delicious chicken fajitas!

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  1. I’ll comment –
    Excellent video Nick. Really enjoyed the format and the funny tidbits you added. Will be sure to catch more of these. Never met a fajita I didn’t like – although I’m not sure I’ve ever tried one with corn starch – might be skipping that particular recipe. Anyway, keep doing what you do!

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