Homemade Carbonara - The Dinnernet

The Dinnernet: Carbonara

Let's cook pasta carbonara by making three different versions from various Internet sources! The Dinnernet is a new cooking show by Nick Evans!


The Dinnernet: Carbonara

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Team: I made a cooking show!

The Internet has become a recipe goldmine, but also wasteland and it can be very hard to know where to get trustworthy recipes!

That’s why I created The Dinnernet! It’s all about finding something delicious to make on the Internet!

Each episode will dive into a recipe and I’ll cook THREE different variations of the recipe from three very different online sources: A Popular source, The first page of Google, and an Off The Grid recipe!

You can watch the first episode below or you can go to http://dinnernet.show to watch it on Youtube!

SUBSCRIBE! If you like the show, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel as well as commenting on the video and giving it a thumbs up! Youtube uses all of those metrics to recommend it to others and it would mean a LOT to me. THANK YOU! 🙏

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