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I’ve been itching to tell all of my readers about this for awhile, but I couldn’t for various contractual reasons. Guess what — Macheesmo is going to be on TV! Through a totally random course of events I’ve been asked to film a pilot version of a new Food Network show called “The Clever Kitchen!”

Allow me to give some background on how this all happened.

About a month ago, I was having a beer at Brasserie Beck. I was waiting at the bar for Betsy to show up and got to talking with a gentlemen sitting next to me. After a drink, I started talking about Macheesmo (it doesn’t take me much to start talking about Macheesmo). He seemed genuinely interested.

Betsy was running late so I even got a chance to pull out the old iPhone and show him a few posts. We talked about food for awhile, but also I got a chance to preach my love of technology. He was a few decades older than me so he was very interested by things like Twitter and Facebook. I did my best to show him around.

Betsy came (eventually), he strangely bought my beers for me, I excused myself, and I figured I would never speak to him again.

Two days later I get an email from him! Turns out he looked up Macheesmo and reviewed a bunch of my more popular posts. He said he liked meeting me and thought I might be a good fit for a new show they are thinking of making. He then dropped the bomb that he worked for the Food Network and I promptly fell out of my chair.

He invited me up to New York to do a quick interview and a spec shot. It was very scary and intimidating, but also fun. There were a few other people there (I think mostly food bloggers) and I’m fairly sure we were competing. Somehow I guess I won.

The Clever Kitchen – The idea behind the show is to answer questions and address issues people have with recipes, food, or techniques. I’ll use technology (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to answer questions as soon as possible. Yes. That means the show will be live!

Also every episode will have a theme. The theme is important because I will have an “expert” helping me out in every episode given that I’m far from an expert as I’m sure you know.

So some time this summer I’m going back up to New York to do a full 30 minute segment. The exact date is not set yet, but there will be a few ads starting to run in June for the pilot episode.

I can tell you this much. The theme for the episode will be pasta and you might be able to guess who my expert will be. I’ll give you a hint… his last name rhymes with “Matali.”

I’m excited and nervous for the experience.

Oh. One more thing. Here is the draft of the logo for the show. It will probably change a bit, but I got permission to share it with my readers.

Visit W3Schools!

(Roll-over the image for an alternate version.)

29 comments on “The Clever Kitchen

  1. HAHAHAHA! You TOTALLY GOT ME! I like that you designed a logo that looks like a crime scene show – just a big knife!

  2. BWAHAHAHA!!! Geoff, literally, called me on my cell about this. Nice work, great joke, congratulations you are officially, an ass!

    I'm glad to see all of the ethanol didn't erode your sense of humor into nothingness.

  3. Haha. What is funny is that the rollover image does not work in google reader, so I totally believed it until Nick called me. You may have some people thinking this is real :)

  4. Yup, you got me too! Here I was thinking "YES!!! Now what channel is the Food Network on so I can watch this?" Gah – You're the first person to get me today, I hope you're proud. ;P

  5. Wow, I keep forgetting that it’s April Fools day and your like the 3rd site that has gotten me! but you got me the WORST! Touché good sir. I was seriously about to fight you

  6. You totally got me! I very nearly got away without realizing it was a joke, as I read it first in Google Reader (which, it has been mentioned, doesn't show the rollover image), and it was only my curiosity that brought me here to see the "alternate logo". You would have had me parked in front of my tv all June long, waiting for those promo spots!

    Though, my tv is usually glued to Food Network anyway, so I'm sure I would have figured it out… eventually :) Good luck getting a real show, though!

  7. Dang. I've had such a horrible day- and week- for that matter. And this made me so happy, (such a foreign sentiment for me right now) for about 42 seconds…

    I hate April Fools.

  8. woowwwww I need to start reading the comments BEFORE the post. I literally just gushed to everyone in the office. I hate youuu you meanie!

  9. Seriously, I was just about to write a note of congrats, but then I thought…hmmm…what's the other logo look like? Hilarious. The only April Fools Day that I fell for.

  10. Nick, just wanted to give you my congratulations on your new show! I am a very new reader, but never miss a day, your blog is that good. Can't wait for the premiere of macheesmo on FN.

    Best of Luck – I think you will be a huge hit.


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