The Campus Kitchens Project Raise the Dough!


The Campus Kitchens Project Raise the Dough!

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Taking a break from the regularly scheduled delicious programming today to tell you all about one of my favorite non-profits: The Campus Kitchens Project.

The organization is doing such amazing work to reduce the amount of food waste in America and also raise awareness about hunger and food waste in our country. They do this by setting up campus kitchens in high schools and colleges across the nation. Those volunteers work to reclaim leftover food from dining halls, grocery stores, and other sources and repurpose that into meals that go back out into the community.

Just take a look at the above infographic (here’s the larger version if you can’t read it) to see the incredible impact they have had in communities.

RtDC13_logo_mainRaise the Dough Week!

The Campus Kitchen Project is about to open their 50th campus kitchen and they recovered 1,000,000 pounds of food this year that would’ve gone to a landfill. That’s amazing.

This is a really important week for The Campus Kitchen Project. It’s their annual Raise the Dough fundraising drive!

About 20 of the campus kitchens across the nation are in a competition to see who can, well, raise the most dough! I told them I would help out by telling all you lovely readers about the effort.

Check out the campuses competing and give a few bucks if you can!

If you’re like me and don’t have an affiliation with one of those schools, you can also just donate to the national page (The Campus Kitchens Project in that list). That will help them open new kitchens and keep on doing what they are doing, but won’t affect the outcome of the fundraising competition!

Trust me when I say that even a few bucks goes a long way to saving a lot of food helping a lot of people.

Thanks to anyone who helps support this awesome organization during their fundraising week!


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