Busy Blogger Workout

The 30 Minute Busy Blogger Workout

Have a busy day, but want to try to get some exercise in? Try this Busy Blogger Workout! 30 minutes. No equipment necessary. It'll leave you sweating!


The 30 Minute Busy Blogger Workout

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I took a sample poll of people I know (non-scientific) of why they don’t work out as much as they would like and the number one response was: I’m just too busy.

But the truth, of course, is that everybody is busy. Unless you are reading this from your Mom’s basement in between games of Fortnite, you are probably busy.

At the same time, most people realize that having some sort of exercise during the day is a good idea. Not only will it literally make you live longer, but it’ll make your brain work better for the rest of the day. If you work at a desk all day, the best think you can do is get up and do something physical for a few minutes before returning to the old spreadsheets. (Getting a cheeseburger from the corner shop doesn’t count.)

I’ve worked from home for the last eight years, basically doing two jobs and more recently also running a household. So yea… busy. What I would love to do is have enough time in the day to go to the gym and get in a full lifting circuit or go for a five mile run. Those days are few and far between in my life.

So, I depend on the interval workout to get some exercise in my day.

And I thought I would share it with you all!

This is one of my go-to quick workouts. It’s literally 30 minutes from start to finish and unless you are a dedicated cross fit enthusiast, you won’t be able to actually finish it. And that’s cool. I can’t finish it either. I just do my best and feel good when it’s done.

The Workout Plan

The idea behind this workout couldn’t be easier. It’s an interval style workout. There are SEVEN exercises. You do each exercise for one minute. You rest for 30 seconds in between each exercise. You do each exercise THREE times. It’ll be hard, but don’t cheat.

Just a heads up. The key to this workout is to pace yourself. You have to do each exercise for one minute, which is a surprisingly long time when you are pushing your body off the ground. If you go too hard at the beginning you’ll give up around minute 20. Trust me. Once you get the pace of the circuit you can amp up the intensity over time, but the first few times you do this workout, go slow.

The Exercises

I picked seven exercises for my circuit that work for me, but there are an almost infinite number of exercises you can sub in to fit your body or goals. I might have more upper body than you would like because I’m in beach prep mode. (That was a joke.)

Exercise One: Burpees

I start with a hard one. I like burpees at the beginning of the circuit because they will get the blood pumping. For the full burpee experience be sure to add in a push up and a jump.

Exercise Two: Squat Jumps

You do not need a squat rack in your house to get a good leg workout. The key is to JUMP. Do a full squat and then add a jump at the end. Do that for a minute without stopping. Bye-bye legs.

Exercise Three: Pushups

To give the legs a break, this is an upper body round. Doing pushups for a minute straight is hard. Go slow and work on technique. Don’t feel bad about using your knees.

Exercise Four: Jumping Lunges

Okay! Back to legs. If you are only working for 30 minutes, you want to hit the big muscles. These jumping lunges are maybe the most advanced move in the workout. Be careful if you have any knee issues (I do). You can just do simple stepping lunges as well. One minute of these will leave you sweating.

Exercise Five: Tricep Dips

This might the exercise that some want to switch out. I like working the old triceps, but it’s far from a full-body exercise. You have to find a couch or chair or something to do this one on also. Again, go slow and work on technique. A minute of these is pretty impossible.

Exercise Six: Mountain Climbers

After doing all of these exercises with only 30 seconds rest in between, you’ll be starting to sweat but this exercise will take it to another level. Mountain climbers for one minute. Get it!

Exercise Seven: Plank with Hip Dip

Many of the earlier exercises should be using abs, but this last round will really hit the abs. You can just do a straight plank for a minute, but the hip dip adds a kind of brutally fun bonus element.

If you do all seven of those exercises for one minute each with thirty seconds of rest in between and repeat the circuit three times, I guarantee you will be sweating unless you are Wonder Person.

Sometimes I’ll do this quick circuit before I hop in the shower or something just to know that I’ve had some exercise in the day. I’ve even done it in my normal clothes without changing just to save time! (Of course, then you’ll need to change clothes.)

If you find yourself struggling to find time to exercise, give this Busy Blogger Workout a shot. It’s low key, but fun and pretty brutal. I have a hard time finishing every interval in full.

GOOD LUCK and leave a comment if you try it!

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  1. This is a nudge in the right direction! I keep telling myself that when my 5 year old starts school in the fall, I’ll have time to go for runs and work out a little. Then, I thought, “He’s 5. He has more energy than I’ll ever have ever again.” So he and I went for a run. We got a full mile in and as soon as it’s not consistently 100 degrees out, we’ll do it again.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for this, gonna give it a go! Looks like a very challenging, albeit quickly done workout, love it!

  3. Hi Nick. Great sharing your work out. I’ll try your way. Usually, I love dancing so I do Zumba dance following here http://www.womensedge.org/best-zumba-dvds/. I feel my breath is fresh and increase the amount of oxygen in my body. By the way, what your have shared above are also interesting. Thank you a lot for your sharing, I love this please keep sharing.

  4. I thought this was going to be funny but this is a serious workout! Thanks, Nick I will not be sharing this post with my trainer with whom I always fight anytime she tries to make me do any of the above! LOL. These are all hard but effective exercises.

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