The 12 Cookies of Christmas


The 12 Cookies of Christmas

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It is that time of year where the Internet becomes simply a method of providing cookie recipes to aspiring cooks. Who doesn’t make cookies during Christmas? Even people I know who don’t celebrate Christmas still like Christmas cookies. The cookie situation during Christmas is out of control.

So I thought I would help by rewriting an old classic song by inserting some great cookie recipes I’ve found throughout the WWW.

I’m just going to do the last verse though because it would be a little bit annoying to read all of them multiple times. The names are pretty self-explanatory, but you should click-through to check out the recipe!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

12 Dark Chocolate Cherry Chews. Nicole whipped up these beauties and had a fun reader contest to pick the name. I want at least twelve of them. (@ Pinch My Salt)

11 Honey Almond Cookies. These guys look very moist and use honey which is always good in cookies (Drunken Honey Cookies). Also they have a delicious almond filling. (@ steph chows and @ The Wind Attack)

10 Minty Cocoas. Erin makes the cookies from the Andes candies website. Her name for the cookie is much better than theirs. (@ Erin Cooks)

9 Peanut Butter Blossoms. Kim is much more dedicated than me to this 12 cookies of Christmas deal. She actually is making twelve different cookies. This is day nine and is my favorite so far. (@ Lovin’ from the Oven)

8 Stained Glass Cookies. This was new to me but totally cool. I think kids would love these suckers. (@ Good Eats)

7 Seven layer cookies. Deb never ceases to amaze me. What in God’s name are these Heavenly things? I’m baffled that someone thought of this. They look amazing/ridiculous. (@ Smitten Kitchen)

6 Guava Empanadas. Ok. So these aren’t cookies exactly. But they look awesome and they might be a nice change of pace from your normal routine. (@ What’s Cooking)

5 Peachy Cookies. These look sort of hard to make, but they have peach. And Nutella. And what else do you need to know? (@ Café Chocolada)

4 Brown Butters. These are taken from an old recipe box but man do they look good. Tiny little morsels of amazing. (@ Food Loves Writing)

3 Frosted Cookies. How can you have Christmas without traditional frosted sugar cookies? These were made to celebrate Sugar Laws’ one year anniversary but they would be perfect for the holidays! (@ Sugar Laws)

2 Spicy Things. So the real name for these cookies is Spicy Molasses Cookies, but that didn’t sound as good as Spicy Things while humming the twelve days of Christmas song. Sorry. (@ The Pioneer Woman Cooks)

1 GIANT GINGERBREAD COOKIE! I’m going to post this cookie tomorrow so you’ll just have to check back ;)

All of these are fantastic cookies and if you are hard up for a good cookie recipe, any of these will fit the bill. Check back tomorrow for that Partridge in a pear tree cookie…

Photo by Nicole.

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  1. Hey, Thanks for the mention—and for getting me all in a cookie mood AGAIN. I swear, it doesn’t matter how many cookies I bake or eat, there’s always room for more!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your 12 days of Christmas cookies round-up! I’m very happy to be number 10. I hope you both enjoy the cookies when you get a chance to make them. Happy Holidays!

  3. How about Betty Crocker's Red book of Recipes. They are easy to make and they taste nice. I think everybody can use them, provided he buys the cookie mix first.

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