Ten Great YouTube Food Videos


Ten Great YouTube Food Videos

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I was going to call this post something more ambitious like “The 10 Best YouTube Cooking Videos OF ALL TIME” but let’s be real. I could spend the rest of my days watching YouTube cooking videos and by the time I finished, I’d just have to start all over again.

Not to mention, there’s a ton of, well, crap on YouTube. I think the site should post a disclaimer somewhere saying that just because your phone came with a camera doesn’t mean you should be on camera.

But to counteract that there’s actually a ton of really useful videos as well and more being posted everyday. Heck. I’ve even considered starting a Macheesmo YouTube channel, but then I reminded myself of the above disclaimer and decided against it for the time being.

Sometimes while I eat lunch during the week though I like to browse through some of the YouTube videos about cooking and food and so I thought I’d post a few of my favorites.

These are in no particular order, but part of the reason that I picked these isn’t just because of this particular video, but because most of the video makers are pretty good at what they do and if you explore their channels you can find some other good stuff as well.

Seasoning Cast Iron (by jaybobed)

This is a fantastic instructional video on seasoning a cast iron skillet. There’s a part one to this video as well, but I think this video shows and explains the important stuff if you’ve never seasoned a skillet before. Plus I love this guy’s voice. You can tell he’s the real deal.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes (by keithsnow)

Ok. So Chef Keith might win the award for cheesiest intro, but the recipe is solid and the production quality is actually really good for a ‘Tube video. You just can’t go wrong with oven roasted tomatoes.

Irish Bread (by Startcooking)

Kathy is one of my blogging friends and I couldn’t not include one of her videos. As I see it, she produces some of the best recipe videos on the net. The videos are really high energy and fun to watch and you can tell she’s really passionate about them. All of her videos are awesome. I just picked one of my personal faves.

Making Tofu (by e2se)

This video makes me feel at peace with the world. The tranquil music and stuff is a nice background to an activity that seems like it might drive me insane. That said, I’m a big tofu lover and the reason I found this video is because I’m thinking about making my own.

Eggplant Parmesan (by DepressionCooking)

This video just makes me smile. I’m not sure that I would exactly call the dish that she makes eggplant parmesan, but I guess during the Depression you had to work with what you had right?! Anyway, it’s pretty awesome and just really fun to watch.

Samosas (by Showmethecurry)

I like this recipe because they show you how to make Samosa dough as well. A lot of the recipes out there use store bought stuff which just can’t be as good. Really good descriptions make this recipe look pretty easy!

Rib Eye Steaks on the Grill (by BBQPitBoys)

A perfect example of how to grill a steak. I love the combination of the steak with the skillet veggies at the end. Really awesome stuff and the host is a hoot.

Yakibuta Ramen (by Cookingwithdog)

Ok. This video had me laughing hard. At first I was like, “Umm… what the hell is going on?” But yes. The dog is your translator for the video. It’s pretty hilarious. Beyond that though, the video actually presents a killer recipe for traditional pork rib ramen. There’s some serious work involved, but it looks completely worth it to me.

Butter Chicken (by vahchef)

I’ve never tried butter chicken even though it’s one of my absolute favorite Indian dishes. Ironically, it doesn’t appear to have that much butter in it, but this recipe definitely looks legit and like every good butter chicken I’ve ever had.

Kimchi (by Maangchi)

There’s a few things about this video that I love. First, kimchi is one of my favorite foods ever and I’ve never had the guts to tackle it myself (on my list). But more importantly, this video makes me feel like I’m watching a sick action movie – lots of fast cuts and crazy angles. It’s a lot of fun and hey, working with 10 pounds of cabbage is pretty impressive.

So there ya go! A few fun and helpful videos that I’ve found interesting over the last few weeks.

If you have a favorite cooking video (doesn’t have to be YouTube), leave a comment!

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  1. Many thanks for this great, fun post! I loved watching (some of) these :) The grilled steaks made me SO hungry, and Clara the Depression Era cook is always wonderful.

  2. I am so happy you posted these. It can be hard to follow an Asian or Indian recipe, or it just may look daunting with the number of ingredients…especially if you don't even know what they look like or how to pronounce them. I didn't know these videos existed, but I do know I will be hitting them up again in my near future.

  3. I often search YouTube videos to get some tips on technique or explanations.

    One that changed the way I make eggs for breakfast is Gordon Ramsay's video on Perfect Scrambled Eggs. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/gF5OHI.

    It's super simple and works every time and you can easily modify it as well (e.g. try some ripe creamy avocado or philly cheese instead of the creme fraiche). You will impress your friends.

    My recent post PASS- BT 150 Baby Monitor how a phone company made a great baby product

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