Tattered Cover Book Signing (06/04)


Tattered Cover Book Signing (06/04)

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If you happen to be in the Denver area next week, I’ll be hanging out at the Tattered Cover – Highlands Ranch location next Wednesday (06/04).

We can chat about leftovers, cookbooks, food, and I will try not to smudge my handwriting if you let me sign your copy of Love Your Leftovers.

Swing by anytime from 7PM-9PM. I’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have!

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The Links

Dudes in the Kitchen Interview – I was asked to participate in this interview series and was thrilled to do so. I really hate the stereotype that guys can only cook on the grill at home and that it’s somehow not “manly” to eat healthy or cook a normal meal. (@ A couple of Cooks)

Asian Noodle Salad – This is the exact kind of dish I crave this time of year. It looks great warm or chilled and would make for a quick meal any time of the day. (@ Simply Recipes)

Olga’s Favorite Summer Salad – Another great salad for summer. The only thing I might change here is to grill some of the ingredients like the corn. (@ Mango Tomato)

Grilled Skirt Steak – This is probably my favorite cut of steak to toss on the grill and this also happens to include my favorite steak topping – a green chimichurri sauce. I want this every weekend for the next two months. (@ Eat the Love)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Photo of my deep in thought by my friend Allie!

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  1. Alas I am not in the Denver area. In fact I have never been to Colorado. It’s a bucket list item.
    This event sounds like something I would very much enjoy. Now if it was in the Seattle area, I could drive and take a ferry and be there in a couple of hours. Enjoy the event!!!!

    1. I don’t have anything planned in Seattle at the moment Carol, but ya never know! Obviously, if I do something, I’ll post on it. :)

  2. Nick, have you ever put nut/seed butters through the homemade trials? What with weighing up prices for bulk buying nuts/keeping them fresh and the cost & worry of the ongoing blending to get a smooth butter is going to break my cuisinart (!) I can’t work out what’s best – making a lot, making a little or just buying… People’s unique variations always look good but I’m a bit timid about it!

    1. I never have but I’ll add to the list. I’ve made homemade peanut butter before and it’s really simple. Not sure on cost and stuff though. I’ll definitely look into it. Great idea!

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