Tart Frozen Yogurt

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Tangy Frozen Yogurt: This quick tangy frozen yogurt recipe is so much faster and easier to make than ice cream! It has a rich, creamy texture. I like to keep the actual recipe simple and then jazz it up with fun toppings! Can you say FRO-YOOO!
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Frozen Yogurt

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This quick tart frozen yogurt recipe is faster than ice cream and great for piling high with delicious toppings!

Fro-yo tips from Serious Eats.


3 cups whole fat yogurt
1 cup Greek yogurt
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of salt


1) Whisk together yogurts with sugar, a pinch of salt, and vanilla.

2) Add yogurt mixture to a chilled ice cream maker. Churn for 20-25 minutes until mixture is desired consistency. I like it best served soft like this.

Serve tart fro-yo with toppings like chocolate, candy, fresh fruit, etc.

You can freeze this for later in an airtight container. Try to keep the fro-yo creamy by stirring it every 30 minutes as it freezes. Also, let it thaw for 20 minutes when you pull it out of the freezer so it softens a bit.