sunshine burrito

Sunrise Burritos

A simple and healthy burrito geared to the college student. The entire thing is prepared in the microwave!


Sunrise Burritos

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I’m going to have a few guest posts this week because I’m working on getting married! This is a quest post from Eleanor and Eponine at Heathcliffs Package. Is it a food blog? Well, not really, but who said you have to run a food blog to cook food?! This post is pretty targeted for people in college, so if you’re in college then you’re in luck. If you aren’t, you probably know someone who is, so forward it to them! You can find the authors on Twitter here and here.

So while Nick is getting married off into the sunset, he left us, two starving art students, to blog. Disaster? I hope not.

As college students, we practically live out of a microwave. Before I stumbled upon Macheesmo, my kitchen motto was “I don’t cook. I microwave.” So when I pitched this fast and cheap angle to Nick, he was quite welcoming about it.

Again, as college students, we rarely have a proper breakfast, let alone food in general. So we decided to pay homage to a good morning and make a Sunrise Burrito.

Left over things from Pollo Loco was also a great deciding factor. This is quite a hearty meal, so we were able to split our breakfast in half and followed it with some nice cups of coffee. This recipe is easily adjustable to suit anyone’s taste, which is why it is one of our favorites!

Sunrise Burritos

Makes 2 burritos
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sunshine burrito
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A simple and healthy burrito geared to the college student. The entire thing is prepared in the microwave!


2 Tortillas
4 Eggs
Your favorite cheese, grated
Frijoles (beans and optional)
Potato (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste


1) Beat eggs in a microwave safe bowl and season with salt and pepper. Microwave until fluffy and cooked, about 45-60 seconds. Watch them closely.

2) Remove eggs and distribute on a tortilla with beans if you’re using them.

3) For potato, wrap it in a paper towel and microwave it for a few minutes until tender. Then dice and add to the tortilla.

4) Add cheese and salsa to burritos.

5) Wrap burritos with a moist paper towel and microwave for 15-30 seconds to melt cheese.

6) Eat immediately!

Simple stuff
Eggs and Cheese.

Beat two eggs in a microwave safe bowl and add salt and pepper to taste.

We put the egg in the microwave for a minute and slightly overcooked it because Lin was ranting about the mummified Cleopatra character from her History Society dinner from the night before. Moral of the story, avoid your crazy history colleague and pay attention to the microwave.

making burrito
Gimme the beans!

Cook the eggs in the microwave for 45 seconds, stir so it cooks evenly, then let it cook for another 10 seconds. However, microwaves vary, so we recommend cooking in increments to avoid a disaster. If you’ve decided to use frijoles, spread it on a tortilla and grate/chop the cheese. Now place the ’scrambled’ eggs on the tortilla, and sprinkle the cheese just over the eggs.

The filling
Filling up the burrito.

There was one lonesome potato in the fridge and since I like my breakfast packed, Eponine wrapped the potato in a moist paper towel and stuck it in the microwave for a minute. Now dice this potato and just throw it over the cheese and eggs!

Diced potatoes

Now that everything is in place, cover the moist paper towel over the entire burrito and stick it in the microwave just to melt the cheese.

Wrapped burrito
Keeping it moist…

Serve with salsa and enjoy!

finished burrito
College kids cookin!

Although if you are a Blasberg attending GWU and not Georgetown, you might have trouble finding salsa due to the ChipsNazi.

Cheers, Eleanor + Eponine

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  1. HURRAY FOR GOOD MICROWAVE FOOD! I'm not in college, but I'm almost running out the door (late) to work, and having a quick breakfast food available is absolutely key. I'll be adding this to my list of things to make in the morning. thanks!

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