Storm Before the Calm


Storm Before the Calm

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Betsy and I are getting ready to take our annual trip to North Carolina to hang out with her family. It’s a very relaxing trip, but this year I feel particularly unprepared. I have three our four large projects that I have to finalize before I can even think about relaxing.

A few of the things are work projects that I have to make some progress on, plus freelance work for Tablespoon, Muir Glen, and The Kitchn to get done.

Tough life… I know.

As always though, it will all get done. One thing at a time!

No poll this week but here are some great links!

The Links

11 Taco Upgrades – Tacos are some of my favorite fast summer meals and if you are in a taco rut here are some fun ideas (and a few ridiculous ones) to upgrade your taco style. I’m particularly partial to the egg on top. (@ HuffPost Taste)

Nashville Hot Chicken – I’ve had this in Nashville and I didn’t really think it was worth the hour plus wait, but I think making a big batch at home is probably the way to go if you can find a great recipe. (@ Bitten Word)

Black Pepper Stir Fry Noodles – I’ve made similar stir fry dishes and pumping in more black pepper than you would think is reasonable is always a great little trick. It’s crazy how the flavor changes when you go from a little bit of pepper to a LOT of pepper. (@ Pinch of Yum)

Seaweed Salad – One of my favorite appetizers at sushi places is a big cold seaweed salad. But what’s the big deal? Just wade into the ocean and find your own seaweed and make it yourself… or something. (@ Hunter Angler Gardner Cook)

Awesome storm photo by Tom Gill.

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